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  1. The Real Beatles
  2. How do I rip Losless audio from dvd?
  3. Did I really upload?
  4. How do I rip the MPEG file from a DVD?
  5. como hago che
  6. Help needed seeding
  7. please help
  8. Reformatting back to flac
  10. now i am not firewalled but nothing is getting uploaded...
  11. SBE's 2 Fix Or Not 2 Fix??
  12. Firewall help please
  13. User Statistics & Ratios
  14. Trader's Little Helper Help?
  15. Bad Data from Tracker: Bad Benecoded data
  16. Question on uploading and seeding
  17. new guy to DVD world question
  18. Audio Pitch Correction In Vegas?
  19. Problems uploading with comcast
  20. Problem w Upload
  21. Random question for Poster maker/collector
  22. "Clip total bitrate too high for a DVD video" is the message I get when I go to compile the DVD
  23. Help Me get situated
  24. Question re DVD uploads from discs made with standalone DVD recorder
  25. How to Post FA & SA
  26. Firewalled and using Kaspersky Internet Security 6.0
  27. Recording flac to cd
  28. Ignore list
  29. How to create an on-line bootleg list?
  30. Best DVD-Authoring Software?
  31. menu won't work on nero dvd burn
  32. Noob question: Putting text over a video (making a compilation DVD)
  33. HD sourced/Convert dvd's
  34. Failed hashchecks?
  35. What software will compliment an Edirol R-09?
  36. mac osx, new cable modem, very lazy, help?
  37. NEW GUY question DVD playback after d/l
  38. Please Don't Yell, PAL to NTSC
  39. new to site
  40. My torrent is not seeding: Azureus red smiley: Help?
  41. Hey I need someone to sync better audio to 4 Rage Against the Machine DVDs for a reward
  42. Mislabeled torrent
  43. Trying to Understand Error Message re: Seeding
  44. How much quality is lost if I convert DVD to AVI (no compression)
  45. isp screwing with my BT traffic
  46. trouble staying on after download, to keep ratio up
  47. A qt on playing mp3s (don't worry, it won't be seeded here)
  48. new guy question re: DVD burning - "will not fit" error
  49. source can be seeded?
  50. U-Torrent Upgrade
  51. Firewalled
  52. Windows Media Player
  53. can I fix mislabeled files in upload?
  54. Firefox Stopped Opening in OS X
  55. 3 DVDs Preparing To Seed, Checking For Other Sources & Questions
  56. Reseeding an inactive torrent
  57. Help Please...with my ratio.
  58. downloading/uploading problem
  59. My torrent was pulled
  60. help to upload music
  61. Backing up to DVD
  62. DVD Decrypter hang up problems
  63. Help with new speakers; Logitech x530, centre speaker doesn't work
  64. .bup help
  65. dvd burning questions
  66. Playing\opening a file straight after download?
  67. How come I can't join a vine?
  68. sandvine workaround
  69. If you want to convert SHN to flac
  70. DVD Audio
  71. Is it safe to burn a DVD to disc while you're seeding it?
  72. Help! - Just uploaded a new torrent, but can't seem to share it....
  73. Question: Can this be posted?
  74. Suggestions needed for how to clean up a recording from my mobile phone
  75. DVD9 Help
  76. Nero 7 Ultra Burn DVD Files onto DVD
  77. Is there an alternative to playable data DVDs?
  78. I'm a big noob and need help establishing a connection for Azurues at my school
  79. Help with Tunneling
  80. Gaps in songs after extracting with Magic ISO
  81. HD compatible with both Mac and PC
  82. Ripping DVD's
  83. NAT Problem Seeding - Comcast/Linksys
  84. Denial-of-service attack
  85. Is This Allowed? (Italian U2 Bootleg).
  86. Cannot copy file: cannot read from the source file or disk
  87. Digi Cam recommendations anyone?
  88. Myspace
  89. Question about editing torrent thread
  90. please help me U2Lynne
  91. new, have a few questions
  92. Lavasoft Personal Firewall?
  93. Hiss on acoustic recording...can anyone help
  94. How to burn my downloaded DVD
  95. changing avatar issues??
  96. Seeding Vinyls
  97. DVD gurus-question
  98. Amy Winehouse - banned - I Tunes 2007 show
  99. Reconsider ISO posting policy?
  100. uploading issues
  101. Burn a DVD without Re-Encoding It?
  102. Can I, and would I receive any benefit from joining the same torrent from two different tracker sites?
  103. couldnt listen - unable to forward port via UPnP
  104. why are my DL speeds so slow
  105. How can I burn .shn to CD?
  106. Need various audio, torrent, burning tools for Mac
  107. I need help finding a port (http://www.canyouseeme.org/)
  108. Skipping unknown sub chunk 'chrp'
  109. Volume on music decreases after show is burned to CD
  110. Demonoid troubles?
  111. Torrent creates different every time ???
  112. photo uploading
  113. Showing list of completes on torrents...
  114. How to split FLAC files ???
  115. Editing Software
  116. Ripping audio streams
  117. Nero 8 - Flac Plug-in
  118. Editing software to swap L/R channels
  119. I think I figured out why my connection keeps dropping out
  120. Which format should i use to burn?
  121. ACK! Deleted 80gb of music! A few recovery questions....
  122. 0% Upload on Completed Downloads
  123. Analog transfer in 24 bit? Is it needed or worth it?
  124. Need help (please)(a program to record shows on cd
  125. Protocol Encryption - Worth Doing Or Not?
  126. Can I seed a show if a small part of this was oficially released?
  128. Seeding on U -Torrent?
  129. setting Azureus to not hammer the tracker?
  130. Concerts used for Radio Broadcasts?
  131. MAC: portforward/firewall question
  132. Adding a torrent..unsuccessful?? Help?
  133. download/upload ratio problem/help?
  134. my traders little helper is broken??
  135. utorrent puzzle checking torrents
  136. Azureus question
  137. DHT allowed on some torrents here?
  138. Smashing my head against the keyboard here! (uploaded torrent)
  139. What media player to use..
  140. Makes me giggle...
  141. Edirol R-09 File Problem...Please Help
  142. Should I continue MTXing?
  143. torrent help
  144. only connecting to 1 seeder out of 14?
  145. download upload big help
  146. Codec Issue(driving me crazy)
  147. raise share ratio
  148. using ape and cue files
  149. HOW to download video and cd torrents
  150. need new brand Cdr's
  151. software help
  152. chapter menu - which program burns it on DVD?
  153. Do you play/check your discs after burning them?
  154. Anyone have Clearwire as their ISP?
  155. dvd burning/ dvd playing
  156. coverting flac files?
  157. converting sony hi-md tracks
  158. Azureus changes my upload speed
  159. HELP!!
  160. will this mic be ok for stand up
  161. Need Tech Help
  162. Recording Lineage
  163. Help, I can't seed!
  164. Mac: extracing VIDEO_TS audio; replacing VIDEO_TS audio?
  165. sorry! another noob DVD question......
  166. Newbie to burning video
  167. can't seed my own post!
  168. Daft noob question
  169. multi media extenders
  170. from were do i get the fingerprints ?
  171. Matrix help
  172. Best external DVD Drive??
  173. What's yer upload speed?
  174. Good external hard drive deals.
  175. SonicStage bullshit
  176. God Im such a newb
  177. Total newb here...
  178. A LITTLE suggestion...
  179. taping at Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA
  180. PAL to NTSC Conversion Program
  181. CD burning weirdness
  182. Easiest way to play FLACs / SHNs on an iPod?
  183. Question for Macbook users
  184. Good External Harddrive????
  185. First Upload
  186. sp-bmc-1 mics cant get satisfactory results with them
  187. Comcast blocks some Internet traffic
  188. SHN to WAV on Windows Vista....does MKW work?
  189. DVD volume
  190. Changing Tags during Seeding?
  191. MAC: taking the audio from an AVI and then putting it back
  192. Unnecessary 16:9 (or: how I learned to cut off the black bars on a 4:3 video authored in 16:9 and love the bomb)
  193. Question about George Harrison & Eric Claption bootleg
  194. uttorent help with my seed
  195. How to fix DC offset?
  196. DHT
  197. DVD Authoring Question
  198. With some FLACs, editing metadata rewrites whole file
  199. How do I upload under the radar?
  200. General Tech ?, Not Music Related
  201. to write or not to write
  202. Hooking up a Comcast HD box to a MAC
  203. Seeding lots of shows but not showing as a seed...
  204. Playback head adjustment
  205. Share Ratio Inforcement?
  206. Album Artwork and iTunes
  207. Moving Torrents from Azureus to µTorrent
  208. Adding Trackers
  209. Is it a noticable difference (VHS Question)
  210. best way/format to transfer high def filming
  211. need help - sped up tapes
  214. Torrent freeze??
  215. My router keeps resetting itself ARgH!
  216. What to do with .DTS files?
  217. Purple Chick
  218. Dvd Audio/video sync fix
  219. Afordable vhs time base correction
  220. Mac: Bluetooth Mouse Set-Up pops on on booting, I cannot get around it. Out of the blue.
  221. Folder Already Size of Torrent - Still Downloading?
  222. bad data from tracker??
  223. want to get a dvd onto HD & then into sony vegas...
  224. Invalid
  225. upload help
  226. Different Clients For Different Sites?
  227. DL/UL Cutting Out
  228. TV tuner card
  229. Error message about bit torrent, need help
  230. Can I post very high bitrate H.264-encoded video?
  231. How do I upload?
  232. Joining a Seed or Reseeding Existing Torrent
  233. My 1st DVD Burn
  234. Can anyone transfer an 8mm to dvd for me?
  235. Digital FM?
  236. DVD Burning For Dummies/Newbies
  237. Bad Data from Tracker - Again
  238. Drive will not read
  239. Upload Stuck - 18 Connections Waiting @38%
  240. can't "Save" torrent file
  241. im new here
  242. Mac- Stealth connection
  243. Downloading a DVD....SLOWLY....
  244. U Torrent Port Forwarding Problem
  245. Is it allowed to share a promo cd which is not released?
  246. Your Favorite Equipment & Software
  247. Flac won't pause
  248. Comcast blocks my bit torrent.....my share ratio is suffering
  249. Equipment
  250. sci