View Full Version : level setting R-09 with Church ST-9000 and ST-11

becks dark
2008-01-08, 12:52 PM
Hey guys! When your at a gig what level setting do you prefer using the Edirol R-09 with Church ST-9000 and ST-11's? I usually start off with my battery box at full gain,with the switch at +10. Then with the Edirol I start off at about 15 input to get a level. When I notice my peak indicator is flashing red I drop it down two notches. Is it alright to have a little red? I know I need to stay above 12db on the level display but it is a tough balance not to distort the recording or have the levels low to where you loose volume. Anybody got any suggestions?

2008-01-08, 03:36 PM
First, that's a preamp, not a battery box.:)

Are you recording in 24 BIT? No problem adding gain in post editing if your levels are a little low.

What you definitely don't want is constant clipping (red light). Adding gain is easy, fixing clipping is basically impossible.

2008-01-08, 03:52 PM
I keep the levels so that the music doesn't clip but I'm OK with applause clipping - I haven't really heard any distortion from applause. I don't know the technical reason for that.

I record in 16bit and don't really have a problem with hiss when adding gain. Maybe that was a problem more with tape.

2008-01-08, 08:30 PM
Bill - whem I first started i was concerned about the applause clipping, and ended up with really low levels on quieter shows. You're right about the applause not distorting, but I've never seen an explanation for it either.

becks dark
2008-01-09, 12:03 AM
My error about the battery box. I am recording in 16 bit but I have never boosted the gain in editing before. I use Goldwave for editing would it work with that? Thanks for the other info it will help in my future recordings, you guys know your stuff:)

2008-01-09, 10:40 PM
Get Audacity, it's free