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2008-01-11, 04:39 PM
I posted this some time ago. Luckily, I saved this as a text file for future use. (Computers are wonderful for that).

These guides use either two tiny free well-known tools. They are easy to follow and fast.

DVDFab - Main movie Split Guide (no menus) (http://www.doom9.org/index.html?/mpg/dvdfab-mainmovie.htm)
Note: skip Step 1 as you don't need to decrypt the files.

Splitting a DVD to two DVD-Rs using DVD Shrink 2.3 (no menus) (http://www.dvdshrink.info/splitting-v2-3.php)
I prefer using DVDShrink because is more versatile. For example, with DVDFab you're fucked if the dvd has no chapters.

Q: Those are really old news!! Why are you posting them again?
A: Because, the Zeppelin O2 '07 Third Eye video will land here pretty soon...(update) NOT!

Q: I would like to, somehow, keep the information displayed on menus.
A: Use the DVDShrink method. Drag&drop the menu(s) item(s) from the right panel to the left panel. It will create some sort of slideshows from the menu and sub-menus.

Q: Are those methods compromising the video quality?
A: No. You just lose two things: menues, and the pleasure to watch a concert in one sit (you have to stand-up to change the disc, unless you have a multi-changer player).

Q: I am very impatient. Can I do the conversion while still seeding?
A: Yes. These methods don't alter your original files.
An advice: backup the original DVD9 video to external media. You may want, in the future, to have the show on a dual-layer disc in its orignal form.

Q: Why don't you just buy a dual-layer burner?
A: I have one. Problem here is the scarcity and ridiculous expensiveness of DVD9 blanks.
Also, note that different people from different countries, different cultures may have different motivations to avoid DVD9.

Q: Lastly, what do you think is the best beer in the world?
A: Belgian beer.

2008-02-08, 09:17 AM
Thanks a million for this guide. I am using it to split the Zep 2/25/75 DVD into 2 disc.
I think it's going to work. :clap:

Disc one is playing now. Once again thanks!!

2008-02-08, 11:13 AM
Q: Can I seed the two disc version now so everyone can have it?
A: You should not seed the two disc version. You should only seed the files in the original format that the author intended.