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2007-11-30, 10:44 AM
Please help a noob redeem the disgrace of his current ratio. :(

When I finish downloading a torrent from, say, a certain Swedish tracking site, my BitTorrent 6.0 (build 4747) switches over to Seeding and starts uploading at a modest but steady clip. So I can just let it run until my ratio balances out and then delete the torrent.

But when I get a torrent from here, although the status shows as Seeding, nothing goes out. PortForward tells me I'm firewalled - which is plausible enough. But then why doesn't it work the same way for those other torrents?

I should add that a little does go out during the download itself. For example: over the course of getting one 373 MB torrent, 35 MB went out. Why would the firewall block function differently during the download than it does afterwards?

I really hope there's a simple fix for this. I looked over the directions for port forwarding and I nearly fainted.

FWIW: I'm using a Netgear WPN824v2 router on Windows XP SP2. BitTorrent tells me the port used for incoming connections is 62812. UPnp port mapping and NAT-PMP port mapping are both enabled, whatever they are. The "Add BitTorrent to Windows Firewall exceptions" box is checked.

2007-11-30, 11:15 AM
As a firewalled user, you may only connect to unfirewalled users. So, if you finish a torrent and only a couple of firewalled users are left trying to download the show, you will not uploading anything to them. Currently, I only see you on one torrent and, unfortunately for you, the other leecher is firewalled. So, you will not upload a thing on that torrent and your ratio can only go down.

The key to setting up portforwarding is setting up a static IP for yourself. Most people use DHCP when they setup a router. That means that everytime you turn on your computer, you get a different IP from your router (an IP that looks like 192.168.1.xxx). In order to forward your ports, you need to tell your router that you always want the same local IP - like Once you set up a static local IP, you may forward your ports to it and you will be unfirewalled and able to connect to everyone.

2007-11-30, 12:34 PM
OK, I think I was able to do everything...

I set up a static IP address. I gave BitTorrent a new port to use. I set my router to forward to that port. PortForward - which had previously timed out looking for me - said it could find me at the new port. I stopped and restarted the torrent I was in the middle of. My TTD profile no longer says "possibly firewalled". And BitTorrent says I'm now uploading at about 1/3 of the rate of my download.

Did I actually pull this off?

2007-11-30, 12:44 PM
It looks like you did it all correctly! :thumbsup

2007-11-30, 12:58 PM
It looks like you did it all correctly! :thumbsup

I'm not sure.

I put back into BitTorrent three completed torrents that I removed earlier when I saw that they weren't sending anything out. BT went into Checking, saw I had the whole file, and then went into Seeding.

But again, nothing is being uploaded on those. [Only on the one where I'm currently downloading.] For example: this fine Amy Winehouse torrent:


Right now under Seeds it says 0(6) and under Peers 0(2). If two people are looking for it, shouldn't I be sending it to them? Or if the first number is the meaningful one, shouldn't I show up as one seeder?

2007-11-30, 01:04 PM
Actually, the Amy Winehouse torrent you just linked to currently says: (Seeders: 9, Leechers: 0, Completed: 615 So, maybe the leechers just had a couple MBs to go before now being completed. As it is on that one, you won't be uploading anything. And, the two other torrent you are trying to seed also have no leechers. You can see this in your profile: http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/member.php?userid=225245 Click on Currently activity on tracker and it shows the S(eeders)/L(eechers)/C(ompletes) for each and all the ones you are trying to seed have 0 leechers.

2007-11-30, 01:12 PM
OK, then I'll try to relax. Thank you so much for the help.

2007-11-30, 03:46 PM
May not be out of the woods yet...

I just posted my first show. I downloaded my personalized torrent file and put it into BitTorrent. But it's only trying to download the file - rather than checking that it's already on my computer.

2007-11-30, 04:00 PM
You may want to read this FAQ item and see if it helps you with that issue: http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/faq.php?faq=bittorrent#faq_wrong_folder

2007-11-30, 04:45 PM
Jesus Christ, I think it's working.

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: