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H to O
2007-11-18, 08:07 PM
Hello, I'm new here, great site!

I just downloaded my first DVD Video, and I am unable to get any sound (Video is fine). During preview in my CD creator and also after disc burning and playing on my DVD player, no sound. During "trial and error", I had a menu pop up that said it "didn't recognize AC3 Audio files, and so audio would be replaced by silence, see the home website for an upgrade". That explains it!

I have a newer HP with windows vista and Roxio CD DVD creator 9. This is the version that it came with.

Roxio offers a version 10, and I also looked at Nero 8. I want to make sure that an upgrade will support the AC3 files.

I looked around in the faq and techbabble history here, but didn't find any similar topics.

Any recommendations? Is an upgrade required, or am I overlooking something?

Any advice would be appreciated!

H to O

2007-11-19, 12:35 AM

2007-11-19, 04:16 AM
:hmm: You are burning data..a finished DvD...what are you creating?
Are you making a DvD from a DvD?
You can't hear it on playback because you have no AC3 codec on your PC OR the software does not support AC3..FOR CREATION ONLY
,but ,
when you have burnt the VIDEO_TS folder that you downloaded(not created)and play it back on your standalone ...it'll play and you'll hear.


H to O
2007-11-19, 06:45 AM
Thanks diggrd and KoolKat!

Your advice makes sense. I'll try it when I get home tonight.

Thanks again.

H to O

2007-11-19, 08:25 AM
No Prob.
IF...you can't hear the DvD when you are just trying to play it ,you know ,just finished download lets 'ave a look..(before the burn) ,
then go HERE (http://ac3filter.net/)

Install & away ya go ;)


H to O
2007-11-19, 05:27 PM
diggrd / KoolKat,

Thanks a million. I ended up burning it through windows media. I think my Roxio (rixio9) needs an upgrade to burn from hard drive files. It doesn't recognize .vob files. But windows worked, and I'm watching and listening to it right now!

I saved your AC3 link K_K, in case I need later on.

Thanks for the help!

H to O