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2008-01-18, 01:21 PM
Alright, i realize there are better forums for this, but for some reason i trust you people. So heres the situation, my friend gave me her old ipod, which is windows formatted. both of us now have macs. the ipod acts strange, sometimes it allows me to access the music library, sometimes i get the sad face. itll die for a week or so and then sudden itll be fine.

I was able to sync it up to my computer during all these periods, and once was able to use ipodrip to get some songs off of it so I could try to restore it and mac format it, however, it went wacky again halfway through this process. Now its showing signs of life yet again, and I'm attempting to get the music off. I can sync it to my itunes library just fine, but I can't seem to get ipod rip programs to work with it. I've tried with both ipod rip and touchcopy (which requires me to use it in disk mode).

Does anyone have any experience with anything like this and know how I might be able to get the library onto a hard drive so I can restore and reformat? Any help and ideas is much appriciated.

2008-01-18, 07:40 PM
you are getting it to work on a mac yet its formatted for a pc?? doesn;t make sense if thats the case
if you still have a pc or you are getting the "mixed results" on a pc - good
hook it up to a pc and set it to show hidden folders, drag and drop the folder from the iPod onto the pc desktop
reformat on the mac
burn a dvd of the music folders on the desktop
rip the folders on the mac from the dvd
import to iTunes

if on a mac try "senuti"

2008-01-19, 03:18 AM
problem resolved, thanks though.

2008-01-23, 02:10 AM
I've had similar problems - what was the solution for you?