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2007-11-22, 07:52 PM
Hey everyone,

Well, I know how to rip just the audio from a DVD. But now my question is, is it possible to rip each separate channel from a 5.1 surround sound DVD? Or is it possible to rip all 5 channells without havving to mix it down to 2 channels? Because I have a DVD (it's a concert), and it's in 5.1 surround sound. Well, from the multitracks, each separate multitrack is coming out of it's own channel, and I want to figure out how to rip each separate channel so I can get all the multitracks. Please help,


2007-11-23, 05:00 AM
You can demux DVD, and you will end with a single file AC3 5.1 then you can convert it with Vegas. I don't use it but you may try: http://www.dvdtox.com/dvd_ripper.htm

More info you can find on http://www.doom9.org, http://www.hydrogenaudio.org or http://www.videohelp.com