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2007-12-15, 04:04 AM
hey guys i have some shows i would love to remaster and fix up but i dont really know how? even when i do i dont hear much difference? can anyone please advise me what to do and some good programs?


2007-12-15, 05:13 AM
Remaster what? Bass? Noise crowd? Distorts? etc.
Do you think we have people that can guess what you want to do?

2007-12-15, 02:37 PM
hey guys I have some programs I would like to hack but have no experience in programming. what is a good language to write computer programs in? I wrote some code yesterday but it didn't work.

...its kinda complicated what you're asking ;)

maybe you should start with this prog (its free software)

start reading boards like this:

there's a lot of methods and opinions about shaping sound out there, stick with it and you'll be able to hear the smallest difference in the sound, and when enough is enough when radical changes are necessary to make a show sound better. Universal rule is to do as little to the audio as you have to in order to achieve the desired result.

2007-12-16, 05:30 AM
if i remastered or attempted to fix up an audience recording from the 70's it wouldn't make much difference would it?

2007-12-16, 06:12 AM
probably not much of a positive difference. the worse it sounds to begin with, the less improvement is possible and the longer it takes to get that little bit of improvement.

if you have interest in this stuff, you should try it out, but keep it to yourself until you've got a couple years of experience. when I listen to my early work I totally cringe.

Start with the basics, tape a show of the radio and learn how to get the levels healthy without clipping and cut the tracks properly without SBEs. Its a lot more fun than trying to EQ a terrible old recording spending 100 hours on it just to make it 10% better.

2007-12-16, 06:42 AM
as Five said, if you don't have any experience with it i'd leave it alone...especially on alot of those old recordings, it takes a wole lot of knowlege and time to polish a bad recording just a bit...

or if you do mess around with some EQ/filters/etc keep it to yerself and don't trade/seed it

Kenny Smoke
2007-12-16, 12:42 PM
Sound forge is a great program to look into.... I do remixes/remasters all the time... I've been a sound technician for about 26 years, own a small home studio... and love polishing some audio turds if you will... the worse the source the least amount of success you'll have making stuff better... if the basics are pretty good on the source you can make dramatic improvements to a sub par sounding recording fairly easily with a few good programs and plugins... but with older real hissy and noisy sources it takes a lot of effort for very little improvement... but if you are really interested you should defintely check out gearslutz and other forums... there's alot of knowledge out there and some guys are really cool about helping newbies onto the right path..... and I'm all for good remixes and remasters, if they are improvements over average sounding sources... just my opinion....

Happy mixing!

Kenny :)-~~~~

2007-12-16, 05:46 PM
thanks for your help