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2007-11-26, 09:23 AM
Im new to dvd authoring and have already authored 2 dvds using tmpgenc dvd author 3. That software includes adding audio streams but you can only add 2 audio streams whereas I want to add 4 audio streams to my dvd but its impossible with tmpgenc. Does anyone know another EASY program that will let me add more than 3 audio streams? Also is it possible for me to make menus and chapters using tmpgenc and then later on using another program to add audio streams to the dvd i just made using tmpgenc or do i have to make menus and chapters all over again with the other software?

or is there a way I can have more audio streams using tmpgenc cause that would be the best solution.

Thank you

2007-11-26, 09:50 AM
DVD-Lab Pro let you to add more then 2 audio streams.

I don't think it's possible to add another audio stream to an already authored DVD. You can replace streams & keep the menus but to add & keep menu I didn't hear.

The best way (in my opinion) is to migrate to DVD-Lab Pro.

2007-11-26, 10:48 AM
dvd lab pro is too complicated for me as im new to this but thanks for the advice :) maybe ill get a guide and start using it. maybe someone could make a script which will allow tmpgenc to let u add more than 2 audio streams cause thats the perfect authoring tool for me. thanks once again i appreciate it, any other suggestions are welcome

2007-11-26, 06:18 PM
TMPGEnc doesn't support scripting. Try with http://www.mpucoder.com/Muxman/std/index.html and import menu with http://download.videohelp.com/r0lZ/pgcedit/index.html

2007-11-26, 06:27 PM
DVD Lab Pro can be overwhelming at first but once you understand the basics of how it works it's really not that bad. Go to videohelp.com and search for guides on DVD Lab. I don't remember where I saw it on that site but there was a guide that taught the basics of DVD Lab. That's how I learned it at first.