View Full Version : Best dvd burner?

2007-12-18, 05:50 PM
Searched this topic, no finds, sorry if it's a repeat, but:
Any calls on best internal dvd burner?
Place near me has a Pioneer for 59 clams, on sale, anyone have problems with Pioneer?
Or should I pay a little extra and get a Plextor? I use Nero software.

2007-12-18, 06:08 PM
Plextor is the best money can buy. They are 39 dollars at tigerdirect.com


2007-12-18, 06:13 PM
Pioneer 112

2007-12-19, 06:00 AM
plextor is the only way to go imo

2007-12-19, 06:29 AM
I had LG, Asus, TEAC and all worked fine.

2007-12-19, 02:15 PM
Lite-On has always worked fine for me. Check Newegg.com for prices on any brand before buying.

2007-12-21, 04:45 PM
Thanks to those who replied. Looks like no one has any serious complaints about any of the major brands. Might try a plex.
Merry X to all!

2007-12-22, 06:32 PM
You might want to check out www.cdrinfo.com within their optical drives review section. For the drives they test, not only do they give an overview of the error correction and capabilities, but they also test and give results with a number of brand name discs used on that drive so you can see how a drive might work with your specific discs. It's somewhat armpit deep details but if you're concerned about long term data security it's good info to read prior to purchasing a drive.