View Full Version : possible to have a sbd audio & audience audio on a dvd show..

2007-12-20, 08:44 PM
just was wondering if it is possible to have a sbd as a main audio source but also use an audience audio too.....right now i have sony vegas 6 and sony dvd arch 3...have seen 2 audios used before but never have done it myself...thanks..:wave:

2007-12-20, 09:32 PM
they call that a matrix, and unless you recorded the tracks simultaneously to a multitrack yourself then you're looking at a minimum of 100 hours to get one show. and that's assuming you know what you're doing.

best bet is to tape a friend's band to 4 separate tracks - 2 for SBD, 2 for stereo room mics, then you have instant perfect sync and everybody will be very happy (esp your friend's band). also the sbd is often a mono mix in smaller clubs so you could probably do it with only three tracks.

2007-12-20, 09:36 PM
sorry if i was misleading..but i am looking to have the choice of using just the sbd or just the audience audio...

2007-12-20, 10:19 PM
ahh, I see

I've seen that done on fan-made dvds, but I don't know exactly how personally. Some DVD authors will probably post here and help you out soon.

but you're still gonna have a bitch of a time with the sync ;)

2007-12-21, 01:17 AM
Of course it's possible but keep in mind that the maximum allowed DVD bitrate has to be no higher than 9800 kbps, which is a sum of video + audio stream (PCM = 1536 kbps).

So if you want to preserve quality of the SBD track and not encode it to lossy AC3, then encode video stream between 7000 - 8000 kbps (VBR, 2 pass).

Such setting allows to keep 1 hour on a DVD5 disc. If you want more then experiment with lower video bitrate - 6000 - 7000 kbps is well enough for i.e. 42" TV.

2007-12-21, 02:46 AM
I'm wondering about this stuff, too.
I've got several MiniDV tape masters to transfer and author as DVDs in the next month or so...
Some will be simple (just capture and chapter points) while some I have multiple audio sources available (Roger Waters Vancouver video: there are 4 audios available, plus cam sound), and I'd like to make something special out of it. Great film job. I'm thinking of a 5.1 surround matrix or something (potential to have one source out the front, and another through the rear, and a third in center?) or maybe switchable audio (like different language tracks on a film)...?

Another video could me a 2 cam mix with a third audio source.

What are my options? What do you recommend?

Any volunteers to help?

2007-12-21, 04:26 AM
**my usual preface of "i work on Macs so i ain't positive, but"........

when yer finished syncing & editing in Vegas, be sure to export vid/aud as independent streams...

import your video and both audio tracks into DVDArch's timeline, create yer audio options menu page with separate buttons for SBD and AUD sources, assigning the same video track for both buttons but w/ the appropriate audio track for each

ya should be good to go from there

2007-12-21, 04:39 AM
just a fwiw, but there might be a more in depth step-by-step in one of the editing/authoring forums such as The DV Forum, Creative Cow, 2-Pop, etc

2007-12-21, 09:13 AM
the one thing i am having problems is trying to get the second audio imported to dvd arch 3....i am going to use the sbd as the main optionbut would like to use the fob audience as a second choice....the only thing i see is to change the main audio but don't see anything to add a second or how to set it upon the meune page...thanks for all the help aar...it did give me a few pointers..will try some more...

2007-12-21, 09:33 AM
ok...i can get both audio sources into the timeline...but now how do i set up the menue page to have the option for each audio source..seems like i can get it only to play 1 audio and not the other one..thanks..