View Full Version : Question regarding Mac, Airport Extreme, and Transmission

2007-12-15, 02:20 PM
Hi all,
When I log on to the Dime using Transmission 0.8.2 it auto maps port 9090 successfully and I appear to not be firewalled.

However, when I log on here with the same, it says I am firewalled. I went to the canyouseeme link you provided and it had no problem seeing me!

I am using an older G5 Dual Tower, running highest Tiger current with the RCA modem provided by my cable company, Earthlink is the ISP, and Airport Extreme. The path is RCA modem>Airport>computer. Mac firewall is off. Tried many times unsuccessfully to use portforward.com to no avail. I still have no problem connecting and seeding, speeds are comparable to before I got the Airport. Just curious if there is an easy solution as I like to be as share-friendly as possible.

Btw, I stayed with the older Transmission because the newer version stopped mapping the port correctly. I usually use BT 4.0.2 for uploading, and that shows me a firewalled, because I couldn't seem to get Transmission to upload properly. I hated Azureus, maybe I'm just getting too old...


2007-12-15, 02:33 PM
Hmmmm, well, is port 9090 the one you have entered into Transmission as the one you want to use or is the 9090 the port that Dime uses for their tracker (they have a different tracker than we do and it uses a port)? I'm not sure what to suggest here. If you show up fine on canyouseeme, then just use that port. You need to use a different port for BT than for Transmission though or things will get screwy. Make sure each of those ports is fine on canyouseeme though.