View Full Version : I'm listed twice on one torrent

2008-01-08, 06:16 PM
I built a new box recently and corrupted some of my shows. So, I start re-downloading to get them back. I've been having trouble with this one

Sly and the Family Stone 1968-10-05 Fillmore East (FLAC)


I go to check it out and I'm on the peers list twice with two different progress reports.
:hmm: I have no idea how I managed this but, I'd be most appreciative if someone could help me out.


2008-01-08, 06:24 PM
if you connect/disconnect then re-connect then a ghost will show up. takes about 30mins before it goes away. sometimes I'll see the same person listed 20 times, that means they've been connecting and disconnecting over and over in a short space of time. nothing to worry about.

2008-01-08, 06:42 PM
20 times, Five? I guess I should put back in the Delete Ghosts link!

steamshooter, if you'll notice, you are only listed once now. Our tracker cleaner came along and cleaned out the ghost.

2008-01-08, 06:44 PM
Thanks. I did have a momentary power outage awhile ago, just enough to shut down the computer. That's probably what did it.
Thanks again :thumbsup

2008-01-08, 07:18 PM
20 times, Five? I guess I should put back in the Delete Ghosts link!

haha... now that you mention it I haven't seen 20x in a looong time :lol: