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2007-12-26, 08:33 PM
I had shnmkw shn file opener. When I switched to Vista the mkw opener was not compatible ( I went to down load the same file decompressor/opener from etree and my system said it didn't have enough memory, which I did in all actuality) I use roxio 9 sound lab which I thought had that and could do it but I can't seem to find andor figure out if it is capable. If anyone can help out a not to computer savy but could probably figure something out if pointed in th right direction. Any place to download one for Vista Thanks Frameguy.

x-ray man
2007-12-26, 08:55 PM
i like traders little helper myself it is a all in one deal

2007-12-26, 08:57 PM

though these often use the same codebase for decompressing the SHN files, you could try:

Trader's Little Helper ( http://tlh.easytree.org/ )
db Power Amp ( http://www.dbpoweramp.com/ )
Winamp 5.x with the SHN plugin ( http://www.winamp.com/player )
(SHN plugin is http://etree.org/shnamp.html )

My pref is the SHN plugin for Winamp for listening, but if you want to decode for burning and that kind of thing, TLH does the trick - IF the basecode for SHNTool will run on Vista)

2007-12-27, 12:36 PM
Thanks. Ps When i figure out how to upload I have alot of tapes Masters to 3rd gen tapes that need to get posted. Things that I have never seen posted, alot that I have already have been and are superior to my quality, but alot of others that sound great and haven't been. Thanks FG