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2007-11-18, 03:42 PM
Dutch Live Test Pressing (April 13, 1973) for the official released single LP "Genesis Live".

"This Dutch Live Test Pressing is not a regular test pressing because what was finally used on the official Genesis Live LP is different than what was used on this pressing. An extra song is included, the introductions are longer, and the mix is different."

"It is my conclusion that these LPs are a sort of anomaly; neither a regular test pressing nor a radio concert. These are test pressings for the Leicester/Manchester 1973 concert that was to be used on the official Genesis Live LPs, but not a test pressing for the official LPs themselves."

For further information please look here:


2007-11-18, 04:50 PM
From what I saw on the site, the officially released songs are different in some ways, so this should be fine to upload.

2007-11-18, 04:59 PM
Thank you very much. I will upload this show tomorrow.