View Full Version : lan card or router?

2007-11-22, 12:51 AM
Should I use a router or pci lan card for 2 computers? I have both so its choosing the best config. One comp for surfing and games and the other for hard drives and running azureus. If I use the router will both comps need to run a firewall? If so how can I copy info between them? If I use the card I'm assuming I only need a firewall on the first comp in the line but will the the band with and resources be affected on either comp? Using the card which comp should be first in line, the torrent one or the surfing/gaming one.

Bittorrent comp - Older Celeron 1.1 ghz. ,512 ram, 6mb video, W2k (not sure if it could run Xp?)

surfing / game comp - P4, 2.4 ghz, 248 ram, 64 mb vid, Xp

Thanks for the help

2007-11-22, 05:32 AM
LAN card is much cheaper and easier to configure especially in comparison to advanced routers with built-in firewall.