View Full Version : Badlands Toronto 1989-07-28 video won't play smoothly

Kenny Smoke
2007-11-17, 04:23 AM
I redownloaded this video because I assumed I had corrupted files... the video plays for about 15 seconds then picture stops moving,you can still hear audio for a few seconds then stops all together ... any ideas whats wrong?.... I've tried it in BS player and VLC... if I move position marker in VLC starts playing again... then cuts out again... Joe Walsh 70's and 80's did the same thing in BS but plays smoothly in VLC.... any help is greatly appreciated!

Kenny :)-~~~~

2007-11-17, 05:59 AM
have you posted in the show's thread to see if others are having the same problem? did you try burning it to disc and playing in yer SA dvd player? it could be the files, but most likely its probly an issue within yer computer

2007-11-17, 08:58 AM
Sounds like a codec confliction to me chap.

You have too many of the same codec fighting to do the same job.


Kenny Smoke
2007-11-17, 11:12 AM
I'm not real tech savy... any suggestions how to resolve... at first I was just drag and dropping the VOB into VLC player... I tried it by dropping the whole disc1 and 2 folders into VLC and now it plays through the areas it was stopping on... in the View media stats its showing dropped video frames and lost audio buffer... hmm? very confused... but at least it plays... kinda like a skip every 15 to 20 seconds...

Thanks for the replies!
Kenny :)-~~~~

2007-11-18, 01:56 AM
Playing a vob "solo" is fine if you just want the see the basics so to to speak & players are players as well ,all have their own way of playing.
By using the whole folder you now give the player ALL there is to know about the file as it uses the InFOrmation.

Should it continue when you play the folder correctly how it should be played,remove some codecs that do the same job.
Which is the problem one is anyones guess but if you have say 3 encoder/converter progs,4 media players and a bit more to boot ,you can now see that possibly 7+ codecs can do the job.If a player uses its own codec as well as having access to shared common codecs.......you have a fight.
I would take out some un-needed players/software and check after each one has been removed.
Careful though ,you may then lose some audio playing capabilities on other players that used "share".

Bugger i know m8.
You could remove all codecs and then install an all in one codec pack as replacement but that could end up being more of a bugger if things don't go straight.


PS: To see how easily codecs build up ,get a free program called G-Spot and put any video file into it.It will tell you how many codecs you have on your PC that can play that 1 file type.............you'll be quite shocked at how many you have.
Easy to get codec confliction if you like too much software