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gigi mcgee
2008-01-23, 10:06 AM
need help. i use nero to create menus and chapters and burn shows onto dvds. for some reason the last few i have tried have come out with a delay in the audio, meaning the mouth moves before the sound comes out. its about a second apart so it cannot be enjoyed this way. its not just a certain show cause i have tried a few.

do you think it is nero or my dvd burner? the dvd burner is only a few months old. this is why i dont think it is my burner...

so i downloaded a dvd burning software with a crack and used it to put one of the shows on a dvd, it burnt fine but did not give me the option to make a menu or create chapters. and when i tried to play on a dvd player it said that playback option were not available on this disc.

i dont have a whole lot of memory on my computer so i usually put stuff on dvd as soon as its done downloading. so until i fix this problem i cant download. this makes me sad.

help me out guys.

got any ideas as to what the problem is?

know of any good software to make menus, create chapters, and burn dvds? with a crack?

let me know

2008-01-23, 11:47 AM
Burner has nothing to do with audio delay as it simply makes a 1:1 digital copy. It's Nero authoring part which causes the problem.

Don't ask here for a warez copy. There are freewares you may use to make menus, unless you want a Hollywood-like quality: