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2007-11-19, 06:28 PM

I recently purchased the LiteOn 20x DVD writer and I've attempted to burn dvd's of concerts I've downloaded from utorrent. I used dvd dycrptor and dvd shrink with verbatim dvd-r discs. I also have the nero 7 essentials that came with the burner.

When I make direct copies of actual dvd's (dycrypter then backup to dvd-r with nero) they playback just fine on my panasonic SC-HT740 dvd changer.

When I try to play the one's i downloaded (vob files, etc) the audio works perfectly but the video is distorted. I can move between chapters with no problem but the video is a mess.

Finally, if I use another player (apex - no surround sound . . small tv) it works fine no matter what. But I really want to be able to use the panasonic with the surround sound since most downloads are in dolby 5.1.

Please advise!

2007-11-19, 07:09 PM
Example of show that you can't play? It can be (guess): PAL, non DVD compliant - i.e. DVB sourced.
most downloads are in dolby 5.1. in fact most are 2.0.

2007-11-19, 07:14 PM
I've tried 3-4 shows (lou reed rockaplast comes to mind). All of them will play on the apex player but the video portion is distorted in my panasonic.

2007-11-19, 07:15 PM
And I try to find the ones in 5.1 specifically for my surround sound . . I know that most are 2.1 but the audio doesn't seem to be a problem . . thanks for the help.

2007-11-20, 07:40 AM
I've tried 3-4 shows (lou reed rockaplast comes to mind).

This one?: http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/showthread.php?t=36252
it's PAL, and audio is MP2, not Dolby. It's also a DVB-S capture but should be OK for most players as German channels broadcast very well.

I believe that your problem is PAL format - your Panasonic doesn't read it. Please note that video format is not the same as "region code" - all videos seeded here and on other sites are 'region free'. Check your player manual (technical specification / formats accepted or so) if it says something on PAL.

2007-11-20, 08:08 AM
according to the service manual, that model is not dual format...like pawel said, yer issue if format related

i would suggest getting a $25 cheapo dvd player that'll deliver surround sound like you want but play any type of disc

2007-11-20, 01:52 PM
Thanks - what is the best way to determine if a download is in PAL/NTSC? I'm trying to figure it out but they all appear the same.

2007-11-20, 01:55 PM
That is, besides looking on the thread specifications, how can I check any dvd files for it's format Really appreciate the help. I just bought burner and I feel like I'm sitting on a goldmine . . . but I gotta have that surround sound! Thanks.

2007-11-20, 02:25 PM
You can use GSpot to check: http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/faq.php?faq=video#faq_video_stats