View Full Version : Azureus configuration

2007-12-26, 05:02 PM
I installed a newer beta version of Azureus, and now I can't download torrents because the directory for the config settings doesn't exist. How can I change that? I'm in advanced mode, but I can't find anything. Is it part of the command line? I'm looking there next.

2007-12-26, 09:06 PM
OK, I did a little more digging in the Azureus wiki, and found an FAQ entitled "How do I change my config path?" but the answer, if you can call it that is... cryptic, to say the least. It's just way beyond my skill level. I'm not a novice, but this is too much. Can anyone help?

2007-12-27, 02:38 AM
Try this (http://www.utorrent.com). I think you'll find it works very well.

2007-12-27, 10:45 AM
Have you tried to a complete reinstall of Azureus? That should install the config file into the correct place.