View Full Version : Can I upload this from my collection?

2007-11-17, 03:18 PM
SHOW: VH1 Legends- Grateful Dead
SIZE: 2.92GB
LENGTH: 44 Minutes
SOURCE: VHS (EP Master)>Panasonic DMR-EH75V HDD (XP)>DVD-R
UPLOADED BY: cptsolo

NOTE: The master VHS of mine was a bit old so there are a couple spotty moments in the transfer
that could not be corrected. I should also add that the commercial cuts are pretty abrupt due to
the fact I was 15 years old at the time and wasn't as picky about the way I record things
these days, which also explains why I originally taped it in EP speed as well. This is still
completely worth the download, especially if you've never seen this episode of Vh1 Legends.

2007-11-17, 04:17 PM
I don't see why you can't upload it. I would put in the thread notes what you just wrote here about some of the 'flaws' so people can decide if they want to download it or not.