View Full Version : Help: Just lost 400gb moving torrents onto external H/D

2008-01-16, 10:50 AM

Due to a bulging internal 400gb H/D i decided to "Move" them onto a brand new WD 750gb external, i know i know should have backed up, copies or plain simple copied them first to make sure i didn't lose them...I'm kicking myself now!!

Anyhow, i moved the contents of the $00 gb onto the 750gb External, but now some of the files are skipping when i play them through media monkey and although the checksums come back as matching when i try to decode them i get this message cannot open output file (likely it does not exist or is not readable)

I've looked at the external hard drive and found that the file systen is fat32 whereas the internal hard drive is ntfs...can anyone help out a very worried man?

2008-01-16, 04:06 PM
More likely the drive is just too slow to play stuff directly. I'd copy them back to the hdd and burn them to dvd's for backup.

2008-01-16, 04:41 PM
More likely the drive is just too slow to play stuff directly. I'd copy them back to the hdd and burn them to dvd's for backup.

agree.. they're probably ok.. just need to see if you can get the USB hooked to a USB2.0 port so the data can be read fast enough when you play back.

JFYI - many times, the USB ports on the front of PCs are not 2.0 ports... need to connect to one of the ones in the back, in a lot of cases, to get a 2.0 high speed port.

2008-01-17, 10:42 AM
what operating system are you using?

I'm wondering how you got it to format a 750GB in FAT32 format rather than NFTS, I've been looking for an easy way to do that. WINXP will only give the option to format in NFTS if the size of the drive is over about 40GB.

if the checksums are coming back okay then your files are okay ... I'm pretty sure there's no exceptions to that. (edit: using ffp without also running test mode is an exception ;) )

you'll want to run scandisk, maybe defrag as well. it will take forever but you will get to the bottom of it and any errors that exist will get sorted out.

you can also try copying a suspect file back to your computer and try to play it from the internal drive, run the checksums again etc.

2008-01-17, 10:54 AM
Is the audio player on your main computer and the files on the external drive? What happens if you install the audio player on the external drive and play the files?

2008-01-17, 02:17 PM
its very very rare to see data corruption during a transfer - especially a local transfer.
You should seriously consider changing the FAT32 to NTFS on the 750 HD.

here are the steps:
To convert a FAT partition to NTFS, follow these steps: 1. Click Start, click Run, type cmd, and then click OK.
2. At the command prompt, type CONVERT driveletter: /FS:NTFS.
3. Convert.exe attempts to convert the partition to NTFS.
While Convert is running, you may receive the following error message:
Convert cannot gain exclusive access to the driveletter:, so it cannot convert it now.
Would you like to schedule it to be converted the next time the system restarts (Y/N)?

I would also guess it is the 'audio monkey' program that is a fault with the new file locations.
test with another player & decode with FLAC frontend.
test a few directories with TLH.

2008-01-17, 02:42 PM
Just another word of advise...from someone who has lots important data this very way.

Never "move" data. Always copy to the new device, check and then delete the source.