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2008-01-17, 04:03 PM
how do you listen to lossless files on your Ipod?

I have problems when I convert FLAC > ALAC in DBpoweramp...
on ipod album(or play list) playback, Long songs ( 50MB) get skipped sometimes...
if I have two long songs one after another, one might get skipped over, or the other, or both, or neither

If i convert FLAC > WAV and then in Itunes WAV > ALAC this problem doesn't occur
but i loose file tagging, which is annoying

any other painless suggestions aside from rockbox?

2008-01-17, 04:13 PM
what's the matter with rockbox? :hmm:

I guess you could try doing the conversion in foobar2000, that might solve the problem.

edit: seems foobar2000 can't encode, only playback :(

2008-01-17, 05:27 PM
I don't know if this program will do the trick for you, but you can try to convert them with Audio MediaCoder:



2008-01-17, 06:32 PM
put the iPod in disk mode and defragment. That worked when I had trouble. I also had trouble when I convert files and although they played on my computer they skipped on my iPod. It turned out my converter program "slopped back to" a default setting that wasn't playable on my iPod. That was a while back so I cannot explain much more than that but for a while I thought all my dls were only gonna work only as CDs or played from my hard drive.
good luck.

2008-01-17, 06:37 PM
Thanks! :)

(umm which codec converts to ALAC? :hmm:
i only see
I'd assume AAC Lossless obv.... but that converts into an .ALS file
and itunes doesn't read those...

where is MPEG-4 Lossless / ALAC??? .m4a lossless files

2008-01-18, 07:50 AM

I can't help you with the conversion :(

I don't use iTunes, and I just thought Audio MediaCoder would help.


2008-01-18, 10:32 AM
i'm not sure what i've done wrong
but i tried out rockbox
and now my ipod is dead

i have to stay especially calm when bad situations get worse...
breathe in, breathe out
i hope apple respects the extended warranty that ends in 6 months
i hope...

2008-01-18, 11:50 AM

check that you put the correct version of rockbox for your iPod on there. also, you have to have the folder structure correct, its a ".rockbox" folder with other folders inside. I know some versions of winzip don't keep folder structure so that could be it. http://www.7-zip.org/ is a good free software prog that can extract with correct folder structure.

also check over here:

if you post something about rockbox killed my iPod you'll probably get lots of help.

your iPod probably isn't really dead. iPods have 9 lives ;) Mine's died once already (not rockbox, bad HD design lol).

what are the symptoms? does it power up? can your computer see it as a harddrive?

edit: this should help

2008-01-18, 02:10 PM
well i've found the solution to my original problem
This is a known problem. I think one fix is to run the "m4a optimize" utility codec on the files after converting to ALAC, which is in the "m4a utilities" codec on the m4a codec page.

but on with the bigger one... i'm sure i'll find a solution
but right now i'm looking at:

no screen activity
no HD activity
won't mount to the computer
i doubt it's charging
i've hit reset (menu&start) a dozen times with different configurations
hard reset (turn hold on then off then menu + select + back)
diagnostic mode by holding center and rewind
disk mode by holding Center Button and Play
tried alternate USB cables/ports

correct version of rockbox was installed (ipod video)
rockbox was working, even installed a nice usable theme
I and had loaded a few batches of flac,mp3,alac files for listening and everything worked wonderfully
but after repeating the same steps that had worked, it just konked out
what happened when it died was this:
I loaded some new songs, ejected the ipod, did a database "update now" and restarted the ipod (menu+start)
& the ipod never restarted

i'm not sure if that's how to properly update the database, but it had restarted normally the other 6 times i did it :erm:
over to apple service & rockbox

THANKX for all your help.1!