View Full Version : audience and bad qualtiy recordings.

2007-12-16, 05:32 AM
hi guys i was wondering if i played audience recordings of an average- bad quality would it stuff up my speakers?


2007-12-16, 05:51 AM
'stuff up'? I don't think that will happen, whatever it is. My speakers are fine fwiw.

2007-12-16, 06:13 AM
yeah my speakers crackle and my surround sound was buzzing and cracklings and distorting so i got a new one, and from now on i dont play bad recordings on it. i was wondering if it was because of the bad recordings or sometime else? or maybe coz some of them were mp3's?

2007-12-16, 06:18 AM
I never had trouble with low-fi recordings personally... its playing "normal" recordings with the bass turned to max and the master volume turned up to 11. Then even a little bit of bass makes a crackle crackle sound after a while, then the speakers (also applies to headphones) need to be replaced.

But even then I can turn the bass & volume lower and make the crackles go away ... its the bass imo no matter if its mp3 or bootleg or Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon...

2007-12-16, 10:55 AM
I always thought about this also. I had a roommate when I was in school that had a huge record collection. I hated playing them through my speakers because of all the clicks and pops. After 2 years the speakers weren't damaged, so it's probably not a big deal. But I can't imagine it's good for them.

2007-12-17, 04:25 AM
If you get good speakers you'll have no problems. And if you really like to play it loud you can always get a couple of monitors. Keep an ear out at your local venue when they intend to replace them and you can often pick them up for next ot nothing.