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Old 2008-02-13, 10:47 AM
rdnzl88 rdnzl88 is offline
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Yet another Firewall question

Hey guys,

Please allow me to demonstrate my ignorance...

First of all, I am Firewalled and there is nothing I can do about it (for now) as I do all my downloading at work (I get hooked up with Qwest DSL tomorrow at my home...hooray!!).

Until recently, I was able to keep myself in the green, but recently after some changes to our network, I've been dropping into the red....94 at the moment. At first I figured it was caused by the changes they made, but last night I left the office with a torrent downloading. When I came in this morning, not only was it complete, but I was uploading at a rate in the 50s and 60s. I was very happy to see that, but I don't understand why sometimes I am able to upload, and other times I am not (?).

Another question...Will I need to make any significant changes to my account when my Home DSL is hooked up? Assign a Static IP etc...?

I really treasure the benefits found here, and I really want to contribute to the upload bounty.

Thank you for your patience during my freefall into the red...I will soon be taking steps to correct that!
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Old 2008-02-13, 11:09 AM
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Re: Yet another Firewall question

The upload thing.... since you are firewalled, then the only users you may connect to, and share with, are UNfirewalled users. So, even if you are on a torrent with 10 leechers, if they are all firewalled, you won't upload a thing. So, when you turn on a torrent to seed, you may want to take a look at the Peers List to make sure there are unfirewalled leechers you may share with.

As for your home network, you will need to set up a local static IP. That is just the IP on your network that your router will use to identify you. It usually looks something like There are instructions on how to do that at

If you get stuck on a step, please feel free to post about your problems here and we will do our best to help you out.
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Old 2008-02-13, 11:25 AM
rdnzl88 rdnzl88 is offline
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Re: Yet another Firewall question

Thank you for the quick rock! The firewall thing makes sense...even to me!

I'm really looking forward to getting my home box set up...been wanting to do that for a long time.

I have other questions, but I'll check FAQs and Portforward first. Thanks again!
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