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Old 2010-01-06, 09:14 PM
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Re: MD master

Matlin, i commend you for your use of the word perturbed, an old classic that doesnt see much play these days
If you want to see a damn good live show check out THIS band.
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Old 2010-01-07, 09:29 AM
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Re: MD master

Originally Posted by dcbullet View Post
I'm also willing state I have a very average sized penis.
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Old 2010-01-07, 09:39 AM
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Re: MD master

stay on topic
Originally Posted by Peter Grant View Post
i'm actually agreeing with you on this one.
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Old 2010-02-17, 10:14 PM
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Re: MD master

Originally Posted by uninvited94 View Post
When I look at the TTD-banner above, this may be the only of the things shown that is not allowed anymore. We should offer an alternate version of the banner with the MD-recorders and -tapes crossed out. I never totally was against MD-masters as, Iīve said it often enough, there were things that probably never will be archieved anymore, and done with MD.

Not to parcitipate on a discussion and in no way forcing people to disrespect the rules, just a thought. The fact that there are WAV-recorders available for a reasonable price is important. Hopefully the tapers that did some wonders like that TOOL-capture have upgraded their gear as well.
Technically that TooL thread should be pulled, while we are all getting our dander up...

SHN > CDR > EAC > Wav

Extra Generation when a SHN fileset circulates.

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Originally Posted by general eclectic
There's a big difference between getting trashed and disappearing.
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Old 2010-02-17, 10:52 PM
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Re: MD master

Yep, how the fuck ever I did not see that when upping it. Itīs pulled now.


"never understood the snobbishness over a microphone. I mean fuck, I killed 3 moose, 2 caribou and a bear by age 16, but I sure as hell don't go bragging about the gun used (.308). the point is to knock down the animal, not what you knock it down with.


(Ballsdeep, 2015-02-16)


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Old 2010-02-17, 11:21 PM
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Re: MD master

Originally Posted by Matlin Zeitler View Post
I am perturbed by the TTD's apparent policy of removing torrents that were recorded on MD. If the master was recorded in the SP mode of a MD recorder, why is that not good enough?

'cause it isn't

SP = lossy compression
we don't allow lossy compression here
exceptions are made for MD recordings in ATRAC made before Jan 1st 2008.
Since that time, Sony has dropped ATRAC and so should you, for new recordings.

You are free to upload lossy audio anywhere that will allow it.
"There are some of these recordings where it is just a whirring, and you cannot hear the music. " - Jimmy Page, 2007 / JUL / 26
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The Traders' Den > Where we go to learn ..... > Site Announcements & Suggestions

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