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Band Restriction Policy
The Traders' Den is a user-driven community built around the concept of sharing unofficial musical recordings with other fans. We recognize that many artists traded here do not explicity sanction the free electronic trading of their unreleased material. We will honor any requests from an artist or authorized representative thereof for the removal of any and all material from our tracker. We do not, however, seek out trading policies of particular artists or attempt to interpret them into our own regulations since a lot of these policies are outdated and open to interpretation.


The following band(s) currently have restrictions on trading here at The Traders' Den:
  • Terry Adams Rock & Roll Quartet - not allowed at all (added 2007-11-26)
  • Allman Brothers Band (includes Dickey Betts own projects) - allowed in Music Trading / not allowed in Music Downloads
  • James Brown - 1968-04-05 Boston DVD not allowed (added 2007-10-03)
  • Black Crowes - no soundboards or DVD allowed (added 2006-07-21)
    Additionally, no recordings of the following dates being set up for recording their new album - February 21, 2009, February 22, 2009, February 28, 2009, March 1, 2009, March 7, 2009
  • Blue Oyster Cult - not allowed at all (added 2016-04-11)
  • Cursed Legacy - no shows from June 2012 allowed (added 2013-05-06)
  • Robert Fripp - not allowed at all (including no artwork) (see also, King Crimson) (added 2008-08-13)
  • Bill Frisell & His Unspeakable Orchestra/any Bill Frisell projects - not allowed in Music Trading / not allowed in Music Downloads
  • Grateful Dead - Zane Kesey VHS 1978-09-14 (added 2007-10-12)
  • Hot Tuna/Jorma Kaukonen/Jorma Trio/Blue Country/Jorma & Michael/Jorma & Barry/(etc.) - allowed in Music Trading / not allowed in Music Downloads
  • King Crimson - not allowed at all (including no artwork) (see also, Robert Fripp) (added 2008-08-13)
  • Shawn Lane (including Hellborg, Lane, and Sipe) - not allowed at all (added 2008-04-29)
  • Los Lobos - No soundboards made after June 2000 allowed (added 2009-03-25)
  • Marillion - no Audio or Video allowed from 2008/2009 tour onward (added 2009-04-17)
  • Nickel Creek - allowed in Music Trading / not allowed in Music Downloads
  • Pearl Jam - no trading of 1995 Pearl Jam Movie (stolen and leaked), 2000 Roskilde Bootleg, or any 2008 Official Bootlegs (as long as they are available for purchase, they are not to be traded) (added 2009-06-29)
  • Porcupine Tree - not allowed at all (added 2008-08-13)
  • These specific Mike Portney Tribute Projects (not allowed at all) (added 2006-06-19):
    • Yellow Matter Custard (A Tribute To The Beatles) - 5/18/03
    • Hammer Of The Gods - 11/5/03 & 11/7/05
    • Cygnus & The Sea Monsters - 9/8/05
    • Amazing Journey - 5/27/06 5/30/06 5/31/06
    • Dream Theater 10/11/05, 10/25/05, 1/13/06, 1/15/06, 4/1/06
  • Railroad Earth - no DVD trading or DVD torrenting at all (added 2006-02-18)
  • Ratdog - no DVD trading or DVD torrenting at all (added 2005-10-13)
  • Chris Robinson - no soundboards or DVD allowed (same as for Black Crowes) (added 2007-07-21)
  • John Scofield - allowed in Music Trading / not allowed in Music Downloads (added 2006-12-11)
  • Eddie Vedder - no 2008-2009 solo shows allowed (added 2009-06-29)
  • Widespread Panic - no DVD trading or DVD torrenting at all
  • Steven Wilson - not allowed at all (added 04/19/2013)
  • Yonder Mountain String Band - no DVD trading or DVD torrenting at all (added 2005-08-02)
We also have these following restrictions:
  • Dick Clark Productions material - including, but not limited to, "American Bandstand," "American Music Awards," "Academy of Country Music Awards," "Bloopers," "Golden Globe Awards," "New Year's Rockin' Eve," "So You Think You Can Dance," "Where The Action Is, "The Dick Clark Beechnut Show." (added 2006-08-17)
  • Complete broadcasts of TV shows - complete broadcasts that are NOT primarily about music are NOT allowed. This includes, but is not restricted to, SNL, Letterman, Video Award shows. The music portion IS allowed, but not the complete broadcast. (added 2007-10-14)
  • A&E Television Networks - including all shows aired on any of its networks, including A&E, History, History International, Bio.The Biography Channel, and Crime & Investigation Network. (added 10/07/2008)

Last updated: 2023-08-10 - Robby Krieger is now allowed again

I'm the taper/author/filmer and I want that show removed!
Our policy here is similar to that at a major torrent site. The rights to the audio/video belong to the performer. Once that show gets out of your hands, you don't have any control over what is done with it. If someone uploads a show that you taped/filmed/authored/remastered, you may ask the uploader to remove it ONCE (any other requests may be deleted at the discretion of the Mods), but it is up to them whether they want to ask us to remove it. However, that doesn't mean that show is permanently banned from here. Someone else may end up uploading it and not feel like asking for it to be removed.

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