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Old 2007-03-25, 02:49 PM
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Upload speed when uploading a torrent stinks!

Hi...i'm wondering if anyone can tell me why my upload speed is so slow when i upload my own torrents, yet when i seed someone else's torrents my upload speed is around 200 kb/s .

Recentlly i seeded a show for two days and gave back almost 14 GB, yet at the pace i'm at now i'm lucky if i give back 1 GB in 24 hours.

Does this have to do with amount of peers or leechers connected, or possible internet traffic, i have done everything i know to speed up the upload as far as settings go, and i have about 2 MB per second upload speed on speed test so this is baffling.

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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Old 2007-03-25, 03:44 PM
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Re: Upload speed when uploading a torrent stinks!

I see you currently seeding one show. Here are your stats there:
bluzluver 3:09:57 0.00 KB 422.46 MB Inf. 100.00% 126.55 KB/s 0.00 KB/s

So, you are currently uploading at 126.55 KB/s which isn't bad at all (I can only upload at 52 KB/s). But, yes the amount of peers/leechers will matter. What if they can only download at 50 KB/s - perhaps they are downloading a couple shows at a time and can only give so much bandwidth to your show - then you can only upload at 50 KB/s to that individual. And, if they are also uploading that show from another peer at, say 20 KB/s, then they can only download from you at 50-20=30 KB/s.

Looking at your stats also shows that you have uploaded a bit over 400 MB in a bit over 3 hours. At that rate, you will upload more than 3 GB in 24 hours, which is more than the 1 GB in 24 hours you mentioned in your post. (Speed tests talk about speeds in bits, whereas bittorrent talks about speeds in Bytes. To convert, 1 Byte = 8 bits, so divide your speed test results by 8 in over to get the speed in bittorrent talk.)
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