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How can I check what standard my video uses?

Why shouldn't I convert from NTSC to PAL?
Converting from one video standard to another causes generational quality loss. Any time MPEG video needs to be re-encoded, there is a certain amount of data loss. Since video system conversions require a complete re-encoding, there will be some loss, and therefore this practice is discouraged. Also note that the sample rate for each system is different, so there will be a certain amount of "dithering" necessary to re-construct frames and maintain the same playing time.

Hardware players are increasingly supporting both formats for DVD playback, and all computers will be able to playback videos in both standards, either from DVD disc or simply an authored VIDEO_TS DVD video folder. For the sake of maintaining high quality, please try to keep all DVDs in the format they were initially broadcast in, whether it be NTSC or PAL.

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