View Full Version : hendrix vinyl transfer "hells session"

2014-02-22, 08:45 AM
Hello again

known lineage:
sbd > ? > vinyl > ? > pop removal > ? > flac


2014-02-23, 01:23 AM
Hard to tell by your graphs (though they look lossless). Can you post a couple of tracks.

2014-02-23, 03:41 AM
looks lossless to me, fairly standard for bootleg vinyl

2014-02-23, 08:27 AM
Thank you,

here is a sample.

2014-02-24, 12:25 AM
Not lossy.

2014-02-26, 10:07 AM
Looks like there's been a lossy step somewhere in the lineage after the vinyl.

The treble cutoff is too rough for a purely analog/lossless transfer, and note the transient smearing around the last click in the left channel in the spectrogram I attached.

2014-02-27, 01:45 PM
That's likely from the pop removal then. There's lots of software varying in quality and many sound lossy if there is too much applied.

2014-02-27, 02:43 PM
Hardly. Pop removal removes pops. It doesn't remove noise around pops while leaving the pops alone, and it doesn't arbitrarily lowpass your music for no good either.

2014-02-28, 10:13 AM
It can. Depends on the software quality. Some are more or less removing frequencies of your choice. I've used the stuff and don't anymore

2014-02-28, 08:55 PM
Could this be lossy sourced vinyl?

2014-03-01, 09:31 PM
I'm too tired to try and make actual sense of this right now, so I'll just point out some of the things I see for now:

The block-aligned variable lowpass with its strong tendency towards cutting off at 15 kHz has "psychoacoustics-based lossy compression" written all over it.
The spectrogram generally looks ATRAC-ish to me (the structure of the cutoff, but also the smeared clicks)
However, the temporal resolution of the cutoff looks a bit too fine for ATRAC (might be me being rusty, or due to the generally low volume of the treble content in the sample, which makes the variable lowpassing less obvious than usual, too)
The noise floor seems pretty high for a straight transfer from MD. (analog transfer from MD deck, possibly at low levels and volume was corrected afterwards, amplifying noise?)
The clicks do suggest vinyl in the lineage.
Some clicks are affected by smearing, while others seem not to be. (dumb windowing luck on the codec side? or maybe even vinyl > MD > vinyl, as implausible as that sounds?)

The attached pic might be better suited to illustrating these points than the one I previously posted.

Going by experience, gut feeling, and common sense, I'd guess "vinyl > MD, then analog transfer to HDD" but that's really just rusty me guessing wildly.

2014-03-02, 11:46 AM
I also believe there is mini disc in the lineage somewhere, but what the hell do i know :martini:

2014-03-03, 12:35 AM
I also believe there is mini disc in the lineage somewhere, but what the hell do i know :martini:

Are you thinking what I'm now thinking. :hmm: (a 32?) with a little over processing.

2014-03-06, 07:04 PM
My guess was minidisc > vinyl. But the release was 1987. First minidisc-recorders were released 1992.
Second guess was vinyl > md (or other lossy codec) > adding noise in software program > flac

Thanks for your input