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Old 2010-09-26, 05:34 PM
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5.1 surround sound

I was wondering do you require 5 different audio sources to create a 5.1 surround sound mix? does 5 channels = 5 sources?

I have 4 complete sources of a show, does this mean I can create a 4 channel mix? or will it be a 5 channel mix since all 4 will be combined to make the new 5th channel?

Maybe any links to tutorials or help/advice from pros
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Old 2010-09-27, 09:05 AM
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Re: 5.1 surround sound

if you have 4 sources that means (assuming they are stereo) that you have 8 mono channels

5.1 is actually 6 channels



L=left (mono)
C=Center (mono)
R=Right (mono)
LS=Left Side aka the left side that's behind your head (mono)
RS=Right Side aka the right side that's behind your head (mono)
LFE=Low Frequency Emiter
the LFE is the .1 of a channel because it is only used for sounds below 120Hz

all of those mono channels make up 5.1 surround sound (the same way that 2 mono channels make up a stereo one.

How you mix this show all depends on how those sources sound. If some of them don't sound that great then pick the best two (the closer sounding one for the front channels and the farther sounding one for the rear channels) or your could use all 4.

A few things to remember:
sound travels front to back
LFE is for 120hz and below only!
and you do not have to use the center channel (unless your mixing an album, it's really more for TV and movies)
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Old 2010-09-27, 09:22 AM
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Re: 5.1 surround sound

proper 5.1 mixing requires a LOT of work and the proper tools/knowlege that 99.9% of traders/collectors don't have...just a fair warning

to answer yer ? -- no, it has nothing to do with number of sources...a 5.1 mixdown means you'll have 5 channels: Center, Front Left + Front Right, Surround Left + Surround Right [rear channels], plus yer Subwoofer channel [aka LFE channel, the .1]

a true 5.1 AUD recording would be done using a 5 mic surround taping setup, something like this]

however what yer wantin to do is mixing 2 or more stereo sources to create a surround mix...typically, i find the more AUD sources used, the more muddied the sound becomes...YMMV

here's a couple links that might give ya a better idea what yer gettin into:
TTD's Gear Lust Forum -- info & reviews on taping gear
The Basics of EQing
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Old 2010-09-27, 05:27 PM
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Re: 5.1 surround sound

Mixing audience sources together doesn't usually come out as an improvement IMO. YMMV.
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