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Old 2009-08-18, 09:21 PM
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Lightbulb Quick Rename batch files for seeding/storage

Hope this helps some of you traders

say you like to keep files on your Hard drive and you like them named like this:

01 - I Wont Walk Away.flac
02 - Standing Still.flac
03 - Jewel Talks 1.flac
04 - Do You Want To Play.flac
05 - Jesus Loves You.flac

but the file names upon download comes like this:


you don't want to rename the files because a few weeks later you might need to seed it... but you don't like the anonymous files names either...

well, one easy way to quickly quicly rename files and directories and rename them back is by making a .bat file

simply make a new .txt file, and rename it something like rename.bat:

in the contents put something like the following

cd "j:\disc one"
ren "01 - I Wont Walk Away.flac" "t01.flac"
ren "02 - Standing Still.flac" "t02.flac"
ren "03 - Jewel Talks 1.flac" "t03.flac"
ren "04 - Do You Want To Play.flac" "t04.flac"
ren "05 - Jesus Loves You.flac" "t05.flac"
cd j:\
move "disc one" "torrent seeding directory"

1. j: change drive to j:
2. cd means change directory, it means you go to the directory "j:\disc one"
3. ren means rename, and since in the last line you changed directory to "j:\disc one", you're renaming the files "01 - I Wont Walk Away.flac" in "j:\disc one" into "t01.flac", "02 - Standing Still.flac" into "t02.flac" etc.
4. cd j:\ means you go back to the root directory
5: move "disc one" "torrent seeding directory" basically renames the files "disc one" to "torrent seeding directory"

the above, when ran, will make

j:\disc one\01 - I Wont Walk Away.flac
j:\disc one\02 - Standing Still.flac
j:\disc one\03 - Jewel Talks 1.flac
j:\disc one\04 - Do You Want To Play.flac
j:\disc one\05 - Jesus Loves You.flac
j:\disc one\you pretty pic.jpg


j:\torrent seeding directory\t01.flac
j:\torrent seeding directory\t02.flac
j:\torrent seeding directory\t03.flac
j:\torrent seeding directory\t04.flac
j:\torrent seeding directory\t05.flac
j:\torrent seeding directory\you pretty pic.jpg

and to move them back just make another .bat files except do everything in reverse
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Old 2009-08-19, 01:07 PM
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Re: Quick Rename batch files for seeding/storage

you could leave the file names alone and just .flac tag them

which is what todays player (computer/portable/database) programs look for anyway

a million ways to slice it.

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Old 2009-08-19, 05:27 PM
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Re: Quick Rename batch files for seeding/storage

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