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Old 2008-02-02, 11:48 AM
alaskapanic alaskapanic is offline
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firewall suicide

Originally Posted by alaskapanic

i have read the forums, gone to portforwarding site, gone to can you see me(says it can't see ports 6881-6889), read multiple other torrent sites on firewalls and the traders den still says i'm firewalled. i am using bittorrent OSX, i have a new mac imac, and i've got an airport express(wireless). my firewall is off, i have set the torrent client for ports 6881-6889, and i did the same for portforwarding on the airport express 6881-6889. i'm downloading a pink floyd video right now with 6 seeds and 7 peers and it's showing 2 numbers 1st is 27.7 MiB and the next is 29-50 KiB/s(the number changes) have you got any idea what might me going on. this is frustrating the hell out of me.

thanks in advance,
I would post this information in a thread in Technobabble and I'm sure some people will come and help you out with forwarding your ports.

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Old 2008-02-02, 12:23 PM
mud_-_bug mud_-_bug is offline
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Re: firewall suicide

I'm not sure but I have been having this problem lately too. I think for me that it is related to Comcast and the Sandvining issue (see some of the other threads on this if you have Comcast). Can anyone confirm this?

My biggest irritation (besides the fact that they are doing it) is I now remain firewalled and that I still cant find a suitable work-around, either.

On top of that, I have tried setting my upload and download limits manually to minimize the other sandvine related issues, and no combination I have found seems to work. If I set them the same or with the upload speed slightly higher, it starts out great and cruises at decent speeds for about 1-3 minutes. Then, likely due to the sandvining, my connected peers (not seeders) start dropping off one by one until my download speed is fairly poor and my upload speed is always even worse.

This annoys me because I have no way to maintain or improve my share ratio. Every time I download anything, my ratio continues to get worse. (and with the sandvining I cant stay on after a download is complete to help seed, it shuts it down entirely). Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't even mind slower than usual download speeds as long as I can upload at the same or higher rate than I am downloading.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

(Alaska -- sorry if this is ends up being unrelated to your problem, I really am trying to help solve the possible problem, not threadjack the discussion)

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Old 2008-02-02, 12:56 PM
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Re: firewall suicide

One step that many people forget, or disregard, that is the most important step is to set up a static local IP on your computer. You need to tell your router what your IP is, not allow your router to use DHCP and give you some random local IP. Here are the steps for a Mac:

(It doesn't look like the OP is using Comcast, so I don't think this is a Sandvine problem.)
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Old 2008-02-03, 11:04 AM
alaskapanic alaskapanic is offline
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Re: firewall suicide

i've got a static ip setup. who knows maybe there is one thing where i fat-fingered a key and that is screwing it up. actually yesterday i was reaching pretty fast download speeds 100 kB/s, i would just like to be able to share with other people instead of firewalling them.

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