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Lossy or Lossless?

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Old 2007-05-30, 06:27 PM
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Re: Joining VOB's

Originally Posted by katnapz
On the disc you ripped, there should be a sequence of VOBs that are the movie/show. It should be the ones that are BIG (about a gig each)....the smaller ones will be menus and such. Take the first of those big ones and import it into the assets window in the bottom left. DVDLPro should then pop up a window asking you what to do with it. And then note the steps I mentioned before. Choose to join the VOBs and to demultiplex to elementary. You'll end up with the "raw" video/audio streams in your assets window now that you can then drag up into your "Movie 1" window. Let me know if you need a screenshot or something and I can put it up. You're just making an unneeded step with the other program.
I did that. For some reason with this disc...the last VOB file would end up being the first and everything would get mixed up. Everything was named right VTS_01_1 - VTS_01_2 and so on but it just wouldn't work.

I got everything to work now so it's all good.
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Old 2007-05-30, 07:10 PM
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Re: Joining VOB's

The only thing that I can think of in regards the your problem "last being first and the rest ok" is this.
When you click on the Import Assets button, and the selection window came up,...did you first click on the first VOB, and then take you mouse down to the last VOB/hold SHIFT key and click the mouse to highlight (choose) all the VOBs in between plus the first and last one?
If you do that take a look at the "File Name" line next to the "Open" button before you hit it. You'll see that now the last VOB you clicked on has now become the first on this line. It's a Windows thing (or maybe a hold over from DOS). I've known people to bang their heads against walls for days not understanding why this happens with some programs. I used to have an old MP3 player that if I did the same thing when dragging files into would take the last track and put it at the beginning. Took a bit of trial and error to figure it out (luckily not days).

Basically, you have to mouse the last VOB first, and then go to the first VOB. Or!....just choose the first VOB and the program will figure it out and work though the rest on their own. Pretty much the only time you wouldn't do this is if for some strange reason you didn't want the end of the show or something.

Hope this helps. Keep banging away on DVDLPro. It's an extremely easy program to use once you use it a couple times with some really cool features buried deep underneath that you normally don't find unless you read the manual.
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The Traders' Den > Where we go to learn ..... > Technobabble

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