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Good & Bad Traders If you've had either a good or bad experience with a trader here, please let people know.

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Old 2007-02-05, 03:17 PM
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what a joke
so I am a bad trader, please beware of me :wacko:


02/03/07 10:44 AM Edit Reply
Well,i dont know about that. I replied to him when he asked for Melvins shows(dvd's),i said i had a Flipper dvd,he said yes send me a copy,so i had to mail it to Toronto to have a copy made,plus a Sleeptime dvd. In the mean time i got some more dvd's he wanted,so i just sent those plus the 2 i had mailed to toronto for copies to him,he gets them and says they all have errors and WONT burn.
I got nothing.
If someone asks for something,shouldnt he have to give something back in return? This guy doesnt want 1 bad pixel in the milliions of pixels ina dvd,i guess. Ya know i trade with people and i've gotten lots of shows not that good,but i still give them what they asked for. I take it like a man and stick to the deal arranged. I even told him that 1 of the disc had a second or two error,he said to send it anyways. So i think i should at least get something for that one. AM I wrong?
Be warned.
All of these loks great and most if not all are from the master recording/tape.

my friend, like you more or less correctly pointed out yourself:

-first of all, you were asking me for a trade, not the other way around

-yes, the quality of the shows in parts was outstanding. this has never been the issue here. so what's your point?

I'd like to see the trader that sends you something in return for these discs. At least I had the courtesy of returning that worthless coaster rubbish to you on my own expenses.

also no mention gets made that I have provided you with lenghtly filmer contact information for some of the shows you wanted from me, or that over the course of nearly 7 or 8 weeks you were unable to send me your requests, or that it was you who kept on offering tilte after title to me and that I actually turned down the melvins offer due to the fact that I don't even like that band that much...

if this makes ME a bad trader so be it....

I don't consider you a bad trader by the way. you are just in the unfortunate position of having to rely on others to burn your discs. obviously you have choosen folks that have hardware or software issues. so my advise to you is to get the real problem fixed.

have a nice day
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The Traders' Den > Music Sharing > Snail Mail Trading > Good & Bad Traders

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