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Good & Bad Traders If you've had either a good or bad experience with a trader here, please let people know.

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Old 2007-02-03, 11:11 PM
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Thumbs down Bad Trader: NEWDAY


"NEWDAY" aka Didier


In 2004 - we arranged to swap some CDRs. He promised to send me conversions from tape to CDR - Nothing appeard for 2 years (ie after I sent my end of the trade) - I got back in touch in 2006, he finally sent me tape copies - which were one further generation removed from his already unknown generation tapes - and has been promising since then to send CDRs which he claims to have ready, transferred from his original source tapes, as per our original agreement.

After several YEARS this trader is still making promises he does not keep.

He last emailed me in Nov 2006 claiming that his CDR transfers were finally ready and that he was about to post them to me.

I presume Didier is a regular, decent human being.

However, if you don't have time to meet your end of a trade, then *do not engage in the trade to begin with* or at least have the courtesy of pre-warning the person you are trading with. Ignoring emails for months at a time is simply disrespectful when you have gladly taken the CDRs they have already sent you.

I must add here that before I started pointing out 'newday' as a bad trader, I even emailed him and asked if if would make things easier for him if i *sent him blank CDRs and an addressed envelope *.

Guess what he said?

He said nothing. He didn't have the courtesy to reply.

I know, we all get a bit disorganised sometimes - but it only takes 30 seconds to 2 minutes to quickly email your fellow trader back, to tell them "sorry it's taking so long, i have got your mails, i am just very busy."

Didier did not pay me such a courtesy even when I wrote him to ask if he'd like me to send blanks and an addressed envelope.

Finally, at least 3 other users at dime have verified that Didier has also 'stiffed' them. I gave him more than 2 YEARS before I started 'publicly alerting' about him - which is more than a fair chance.

Some of the comments from other traders, at the dime thread in which they appeared, were wiped by moderators - but to verify that these other traders have also had a bad experience with Didier, simply look up my user profile at dime (tj0007) and check the comments through out my last two torrent uploads. Unfortunately Dime is down right now so i can't provide a direct weblink to these comments.

I can also state with complete confidence that i have never once ripped off a fellow trader - this can be verified by reputable sources. I have also kept copies of all correspondence between Didier and myself from 2004 onwards....of course, there isn't much to speak of because this charlatan hardly ever bothered to reply.

If you have also experienced being ripped off by Didier, please post an account of it here. I'd also appreciate links to other popular forums in which bad trader alerts are welcomed.

tj7 / tj0007
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The Traders' Den > Music Sharing > Snail Mail Trading > Good & Bad Traders

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