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Lossy or Lossless?

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Old 2005-10-13, 12:59 AM
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Unhappy A recent scare with Azureus

I've been torrenting since October 2003 using Shadow's Experimental 5.8.7 until early 2005 when I switched to Azureus and it's been error free on nearly a dozen trackers. Comcast cable via a Motorola Modem with a static IP from the start until mid July of 2005 when I started using Qwest DSL and their Actiontec router/modem and DHCP.

Until today, that is. dun dun duuuunnnn

I'm off work today, so I tend to peek in on the status of my seeding quite often. I started noticing that I was getting connection error (timeout) warnings on all of them (31 loaded at the time) and yellow lights (which isn't that unusual anymore). Eventually, they all stopped transferring the data (up and down). So at this point I'm completely freaked out. I started messing around with Tools > Options > Connection > listening port. I chose something recommend by (port 49200) and went into my DSL modem to forward it as well. No help at all.

So I went back to port 6881 and now things look normal. Full upload speeds and typical download speeds. But for how long? Until the next DHCP?

I'm wondering if this sounds like anything you've ever heard of.
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Old 2005-10-13, 02:41 AM
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Re: A recent scare with Azureus

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Old 2005-10-13, 06:44 AM
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Re: A recent scare with Azureus

you can use dyndns to have a static ip again...
dhcp gave me big problems with Azureus and firewall/port forwarding..
I'm static now and loving it
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