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Lossy or Lossless?

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Old 2014-04-18, 09:16 AM
willndmb willndmb is offline
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Blu-ray seeding ??

Maybe I am missing it but I don't see the policy and in the video upload section there is drop down for DVD only, I think anyway.

I have aud shot video on canon r300 in avchd 1080
Imported to fcp
Exported from fcp using the built in bluray option which gives me an .img which of course can be mounted to show a certificate folder and b____ file. I am not sure if I can see/set the bitrate though
Burn the .img in toast if I want and they play on both players I own without issue

Can these be seeded?
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Old 2014-04-21, 06:29 PM
xjsb125 xjsb125 is offline
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Re: Blu-ray seeding ??

I'm pretty certain you have to seed the Certificate and BDMV folders. .IMG isn't permitted to seed for HD, or SD discs. If there was any recompression added in creating the disc, it may also be disqualified. Here is the HD policy:

High Definition Video BitTorrent Seeding Policy

(For the DVD Video BitTorrent Seeding Policy please check here.)

This is in the works at the moment. If you have comments, post them in this thread - What about High Definition streams?

To maintain the highest quality and purity for the trading pool, we have compiled a list of rules for making good seeds. Please read this list carefully before seeding here as our rules are likely the most stringent you'll find on any music sharing tracker. Each of these regulations are absolutely mandatory, and seeds that do not comply will be deleted from the tracker. Some rules will seem overbearing to some users, but these regulations are in place to ensure that we only spread recordings in "as good as it gets" quality so that all traders have equal opportunity to obtain the same music. If you have a question as to why a certain rule exists or are unsure if your seed complies, please feel free to contact the video mods or post in the Technobabble Forum and ask.

1. No official or out-of-print material is permitted.
To keep our site legal, we do not permit any official or out-of-print material to be seeded here. If your seed contains a television broadcast, check with the TV station's website to make sure that the item is not available for direct sale before seeding. Often times there is a message at the conclusion of a broadcast stating that you may buy a copy of the program you just watched. If this is the case, the material is not allowed for seeding at The Traders' Den. Also note that unofficial video that has been overdubbed with official audio releases is not permitted. Though they were never sold, promos containing official audio are not allowed here.

2. Permitted file formats.

High Definition Transport Stream (.ts) and Matroska container (.mkv) is preferred format for straight digital captures of HD TV broadcasts.
The file needs to be checked before uploading against discontinuity errors. If possible, please attach a log file from your capturing program or dedicated software. If possible, please attach a log file from your capturing program or dedicated software.
Unnecessary data, like doubled the same audio stream should be stripped to keep the file as small as possible. Commercials, and non music related contents must be cut out.
Please note that the Transport Stream format is not permitted for standard definition video (DVD), and high definition audience video.
The seeding policy concerning High Definition Transport Stream is subject to change when a quality consumer software for Blu-ray format authoring is available.
Blu-ray (BR) must be fully authored with menu(s) and chapter marks, and ready to burn Blu-ray video.
It must have a properly named Blu-ray files and folders structure – see:
Not permitted is rough not authored .m2ts file due it larger size than the transport stream (.ts) format.
Please check if your authoring software does not re-encode the stream, which is currently a case for Nero Vision, Ulead MovieFactory [perhaps others too, need to be checked]
High definition audience video has to be in form of authored and ready to burn Blu-ray (BR) video only.

3. Not permitted file formats.

Containers like HD DivX, .EVO, MP4, .TP, and Toshiba HD structured videos are not permitted on this site.
Image files (.iso, .bin, etc.), and compressed files (.rar, .zip, etc.) are not accepted.

4. No Transcoded or Re-Encoded high definition videos are allowed.
We do not allow any high definition video to be seeded that have been recompressed in any way. This includes any:

Blu-ray / (high or standard definition) .ts > Blu-ray / high definition .ts with lower bitrate and/or video frame size
DVD, and standard definition AVI, DivX, MPEG1, MPEG2, .ts > Blu-ray / high definition .ts
Blu-ray / high definition .ts > DVD

5. All seeds must contain a correct md5 checksum of the contents of the video folder.
We are making an effort to not only increase the overall quality of the trade pool, but also to help create a system by which sources can be tracked and certain versions verified. For this reason, we will archive the .md5 checksum results of just the video folder so that a future trader can confirm they have the exact version, with errors, that was originally seeded. This is not for verifying a complete download as BitTorrent will inherently perform md5 checking before reporting 100% completion (though it can be used as a double-check) but rather to provide verification options to future traders of material torrented here.

Until we get something written in this FAQ, here is a short method written by feralicious:

Grab md5summer from
Just open it up, navigate to the folder of your DVD and click on "create sums"
Choose "select all" and then "add" and then "ok"
Wait a while for it to do its thing
When it's finished it will open up the "save" window, just make sure you save it with the .md5 extension and your good to go!

One thing I usually do when I remember is go in and edit it by right clicking on the md5 and selecting "edit" and take out the md5summer references because if you use a program other than md5summer to verify that text shows up as an error and I find that annoying.

6. All torrents must consist of a complete set, no partials will be permitted.
To eliminate confusion, all torrents uploaded must be as a complete set. This includes multi-Blu-ray sets. This is to avoid confusion and to help people not have to check back repeatedly to find the rest of a Blu-ray set. If you are issuing a reauthor or a Blu-ray with new menus added, you must seed the complete set so that anyone can hop on and download it without having to search through back (possibly inactive) torrents to find the remainder of the material. If your post is not a complete seed, it will be removed and you will be asked to seed a complete set.
If you are concerned that your torrent is large and will take a long time to be shared amongst the community, consider this option. Make a few copies of your show you would like to seed, mail them to several other people, and have them help co-seed the show with you. This not only allows you to get your show out to others more quickly, but it also saves bandwidth, especially if your ISP tightly regulates how much upload you are allowed per month.

7. All seeds must contain a complete and accurate lineage, audio codec and bitrate information in the info file.
This is extremely important. Any seed without complete lineage included will be deleted from our tracker. Any seed with inaccurate lineage will be deleted from our tracker. Please ensure that all information is provided as to how the video was transferred including your hardware and software configuration. We prefer to have fully authored Blu-ray discs with logical chapter breaks.

ANY TV Broadcast or AUD recorded video from 2005 on MUST have COMPLETE & ACCURATE lineage!! There is NO EXCUSE for a show recorded in the last couple years to NOT have this.

What is the complete and accurate lineage?
Format the show was recorded with and onto?
Transfer from Source to Hard Drive and What format?
Program/Software used to do the transfer and author?
All equipment, cables, cards, etc involved in the process to achieve the above.

If you got a show from this point on in a trade, please do some research on it to get all the information available on it before seeding. If you don't know the information because you received a video via trade or downloaded it from another site where the capture/transfer info was not provided, then contact the person uploading and find out these details, otherwise, it will NOT be allowed here. The following information is required with every show:

Video codec (MPEG2 HD, H.264 or VC-1)
Video bitrate
Audio codec (LPCM, AC3)
Audio bitrate
Frame rate
Disc Time in 00:00:00 [(hrs, min, sec) Individual times must be included for compilations]

Note: Audio in MP2 format is permitted for Transport Stream only (a case for some European HD TV channels). Please note that MP2 is not Blu-ray compatible audio format and as such it has to be transcoded when authored to a Blu-ray disc – preferably to LPCM to avoid double re-encoding as it would be the case for AC3 encoder.

Here are examples of correct lineage and video properties:

Transport Stream:
Lineage: Astra HD+ > TT S2-3200 > DVB Viewer > H264TS_Cutter > .ts
Video: h.264, 1920x1080p, 16:9, 12 Mbps average
Audio: AC3 2.0 448 kbps
Scientific Atlanta HD cable box > Firewire Cable > Mac > VirtualDVHS [OS X] > .ts
Video: MPEG2, 1920x1080p, 16:9, 11.5 Mbps average
Audio AC3 5.1 384 kbps
Lineage: Einsfestival HD > TT S2-3200 > DVB Viewer > H264TS_Cutter > eac3to (demux) > ArcSoft TotalMedia Extreme (authoring) > Blu-ray disc
Video: h.264, 1280x720i, 16:9, 8.0 Mbps average
Audio: AC3 2.0 256 kbps
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The Traders' Den > Where we go to learn ..... > Technobabble

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