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Old 2005-07-29, 12:05 PM
Neilyboy Neilyboy is offline
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My issue with the tracker.

No biggie (cause im on a decent pipe here at work and my ratio is fine) but its annoying. I figured out why my status has not been updating properly. See I normally browse and download/upload my torrents from here at work (since its on a nice line, DS3) anyway I also surf around the msg board from home. Obviously my IP here at work is different than my IP at home. So when I login to the board here at work im rolling through on, while at home im rolling through on a addy. I dunno what it is but if I start downloading from here at work the tracker works just fine. Then the second I login to the msg board at home from my other ip. the tracker status shows my ip addy only and no long shows my name above it (if that doesnt make any sense ill post a screenshot later im just here at work and dont feel like f'n with m$ paint.) then there is where it stops keeping track of my upload/download status. Its soo weird its like it only keeps track of the torrent while i am logged into the msg board under the same ip addy as what i downloaded the torrent under. I know it sounds weird and maybe its not true. but from what I can tell its exactly whats going on. Both of my ips are static (work and home) I dunno if that makes much of a difference but the weird thing is Ive been on two torrents for some time now. (70 volt, the breakfast, DVD's) and last night i uploaded about 50 gigs give or take a few between the two and my upload status never went up after I went home from work last night and logged into the msg board from home. But when I got back to work this morning it was still uploading at like 600k a sec (which it had been doing all night) and i never received credit for the upload.

Again im not upset about it at all. I am fortunate enough to work for an isp. So i can always stick around and seed for a week to bring up my upload but its just a bit unfair in the end. Since my ratio should be up there a bit more hehe..

Take care guys.
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Old 2005-07-29, 12:36 PM
U2Lynne's Avatar
U2Lynne U2Lynne is offline
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Re: My issue with the tracker.

Hey Neil,

What you have noticed is correct - it keeps track of the IP when you start downloading and then doesn't know who you are when you login under a different IP addy.

When I get the time, I'm hoping to code in a passkey type thing where everyone has a personalized torrent they download and the tracker just keeps track of that, not the IP.

You can always hit the Contact Us link on the bottom of the page and let us know about manually updating your stats.
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Old 2005-07-29, 01:18 PM
Neilyboy Neilyboy is offline
649.19 GB/3.73 TB/5.88
Join Date: Nov 2004
Re: My issue with the tracker.

Awesome stuff U2Lynne thanks a ton for at least reading my post haha.. (I didnt realize it was soo long till after I hit submit). I dont really care about my lost upload but im really glad I wasnt just seeing things haha.. Take care and thanks again TTD Staff!

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