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Re: new and want to post a torrent but got a question


The requirement is more that the audio be lossless, rather than FLAC, specifically. SHN, APE and others are also allowed, but not lossy compression schemes like MP3 (at any bitrate).

SO... at first glance it might appear that your files meet the requirement, but someone may have encoded them to MP3 at some point and burned to disc. Then someone else rips the tracks back and compresses to FLAC, unknowingly disguising a lossy MP3 as a lossless FLAC.

The best way to tell is to look at the audio on a spectrum analyzer. There are a few different favored programs to do that - my preference is Cool Edit Pro 2.0 (Adobe Audition, now).

There are other factors to consider, such as lineage - the Den is fairly strict and CD-R rips aren't encouraged unless that is the way the audio was originally released.

if you aren't sure of these things, post:
1) the info file
2) the lineage (should be in the info file)
3) a screen shot of the audio in a spectrum analyzer, or if you don't have that, post a snip of the audio in the chorus of one of the songs and someone will have a look at it
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