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Re: TTD Staff: Why don't you follow your own rules?

Originally Posted by sabkisscrue View Post
Originally Posted by rspencer View Post
I didn't download it, I recorded it. Then burned them freebies, because they couldn't/wouldn't learn how to d/l the torrents I'd already posted..

The point is once you release it, it's out of your hands. If FM99 wants to keep future releases off the 'net, the only surefire way is to not circulate them. There is really no other 100% reliable option. Once traded, it can get traded on & on and eventually end up online.

As the taper, we have no rights to limit uploads. That's just how it is. Sit on it or accept that it's gonna spread.
That type of attitude is unjustified if you really do tape shows.
If you are a taper, you'd be in agreement with me that this policy is
not good. The attitude that once its out there, its no longer yours is absurd, if not insane. It is HIS recording, regardless of what band it is, who uploaded it, or who he gave it to. Actually its irrelevant.
You cannot disrespect a filmers and tapers wishes.
They must supercede any policy or even your own opinion (which I think I commented about already).
Im not saying anything new, thats just how it is.

It's not how it is and you are dreaming. No one here can legislate how other people behave in real life. That's madness. This thing of pulling shows when the taper asks was tried in the STG days and it was IMPOSSIBLE to enforce. The shit comes back like cancer.

By all means, keep your stuff if you "only tape for yourself"... but if you give out a SINGLE copy, it's going to spread. That's just reality. You have no control, beyond the first copy.
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