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Re: Multi Ports Forward?

You can obtain, that shouldl work fine.

I think you have confused the port# with the last octet in the IP adress.

In your case, you want to set up the forwarding in the router to be like this (I'd like you to try using different ports this time):

Port 10500 -> forwards to
Port 10505 -> forwards to

or however your router lays it out. Be sure the uTorrent client on has it's port set to 10500 so it matches. Same for the uTorrent client on - make it use 10505.

Again - don't confuse the port# with the IP address. You are telling your router to forward any data it gets aimed @ port 10500 to the computer with the IP address The full address the packet has is "" - you are helping it reach the right machine.

Does that make more sense?
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