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Re: suggestion/question

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right. the second pic makes more sense what it should look like. so the first pic shows it was jacked up during the capture.
no, I don't think it was. its mind-boggling. if everybody in every country broadcast with the same standards it would be so much more clear cut and easy to deal with, but as it stands you never know what's inside until you take a peek.

or maybe it was jacked up anyhow, lets keep the audio from video with the video.

Originally Posted by direwolf-pgh View Post
i think my next question would be:

if you are not impressed with HDTV AC-3.. why would you be impressed with anything captured from a radio station.. which is allowed in the audio section.

if technology is at a set standard for a certain media.. should all audio recording be held accountable to the highest standard ? often, the lineage of the recording accounts for acceptable limitations.
radio varies all over the place when it comes to DAB, mostly its just terrible, like an md deck in the lowest-quality setting, but once in a while it exceeds expectations and is about as good as ATRAC (MD) in the highest-quality setting.

since its so unpredictable we would need a mod to download a track from every single DAB broadcast to analyze and probably still pull 99% of them anyhow if we wanted to get into allowing some of the higher-quality stuff!. we don't have a person like that and frankly nobody wants that job (I don't!).

The open-air broadcasts are 99% lossy for some years now but they have a couple big advantages over DAB: they are very consistent in quality, cutting off at about the same point that the old broadcasts used to (but lossy these days ), and they sound better than the DAB broadcasts.

prime example is the '69 zep show in france that surfaced in december. the 'prefm 192kbps mp3 source' surfaced, but strangely the open-air tape sounded the best

'by the book' we should not allow any modern fm broadcast, but in light of the above info and not wanting to completely kill home taping of radio broadcasts at this site we do allow modern (most often lossy) broadcasts so long as they were recorded open-air or equivalent. in many places you can get FM thru (analog) cable that is not scrunched like DAB but rather looks like a typical modern FM, that is okay as well.

more here:
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