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"ieSpell" supported at TTD - free Internet Explorer spell checker

ieSpell is a free spell-checking add-on for Internet Explorer that TTD supports (look at the top right of the reply boxes). You install ieSpell once, and the button starts to work right then - MUCH better than the google tool bar checker... and faster, too! Looks exactly like the spell checker in Word & Outlook, etc

Even for sites that don't have it, you can add the button to your IE button bar or just select it from the TOOLS menu after you install ieSpell. Simple, easy and very useful.

Step by step:

1) download from here:
2) when it askes you to run or save, just choose RUN (RUN again if it asks you about unknown publisher)
3) read the 3 things it tells you at the end and about ways to use it.
Takes about 15 seconds, total.
The button on the reply boxes here at TTD will now launch a spell-checker - faster than the Google one.

To add to your IE button bar, to spell check on ANY site you go to,
1) right click on the IE button bar, choose customize.
2) find the spell-check icon on the left pane (ABC-icon, says "ieSpell") and ADD to the right pane.
3) move it to the position you want and click CLOSE.
that's it.
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