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Re: torrents with no activity / share ratio

Originally Posted by socalnewwaver View Post
Just a random q...I'm new here, and noticed that there is a list in my profile of torrents I am currently on.

Historically, when I d/l, I like to try and leave the torrent on until I give back at least as much as I got. My share ratio here, for example, was ~1.5 until I d/l a U2 concert that currently has zero activity (but it's still above 1). My cumulative ratio on all sites is ~1.5 as well. To keep my ratio up, I d/l shows that are active, even if I don't want them, just to pass them on to others (like the two I am on right now).

But at some point, if a torrent goes dead (zero activity for a week or so) I usually delete it, if for no other reason than to clean up my system. So my question: since they are being listed in my profile, should I be leaving all torrents, even if they are dead, on at all times?

I doubt anyone will give me too much hassle since I keep my ratio up, but just in case...

You can do whatever you want.

As much as we might rib certain people over their ratios, we really don't care, officially.

common courtesey here, or anywhere is to upload as much as you download. Do that and you can stop. Doing more, of course, is always better and makes the site a better place.
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