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Re: login

you guys - try adding this site to your trusted sites list and see if it will then allow TTD to set the cookie.

in IE, Tools>Options>Security>Trusted Sites>"Sites" button>

in here, UNCHECK the option to require HTTPS for the entries BEFORE you put the URL in the box. Then add:


to the trusted sites box, save (OK), hit LOGOUT on the TTD site (if you are still on it), close all internet explorer windows. Open IE again, come back to the site an log in. See if it will set the cookie now.


also, add this site as an allowed cookie setter...
in IE:

Tools>options>DELETE COOKIES


click the SITES button

and click the ALLOW button

also add
and cilck the ALLOW button
to add to the list.

again, save it all, close IE windows (all) and re open and log in.

sometimes, the cookie gets screwed up if you have entered the sit through either or, etc and the cookie is set to the opposite. Adding both to the ALLOW list may fix it.
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