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Re: Vinyl records vs. Cds.


perfect cd in perfect cd player will always lose to perfect vinyl on perfect turntable when played back through the same amp & speakers. But the perfect digital sure comes close and it's about 1000 times more convenient.

the problem with CDs is the idiots that master them with 1db dynamic range. I know the argument that if some do it they all must do it to keep getting hired by the tone-deaf people that just want their company's CDs as loud as the other company's CDs... but that's the problem. A CD, properly mastered, can be so close to the quality of perfect vinyl that 99% of the people listening can't tell the difference.. the medium isn't problem, it the people using it. Garbage in = garbage out
"There are some of these recordings where it is just a whirring, and you cannot hear the music. " - Jimmy Page, 2007 / JUL / 26
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