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Re: adding loseless audio to dvds

Originally Posted by FeX- View Post
just a quick question. Im using tmpgenc and i wanna add loseless audio to my dvds. I convert the FLAC/SHN to wav using the traders little helper, then I put the wav file in the audio input place and I let it make the dvd.

my question is that while its making the dvd, does it convert the wmv to lossy format? or does it get converted to lcpm? Im not sure as ive never done this before and would like to have loseless audio on my discs. Also i will soon start using dvd lab pro so is it the same thing for dvd lab pro that does it convert it to another format while creating the disc.

by creating i mean output (like just adding menus/chapters/audio to vob files)


You'll need to up-convert those WAV files to 48kHz, 16bit stereo PCM audio (2 channels) to author with if you'd like it to be lossless. That's the standard for PCM uncompressed udio on DVDs. If I remember correctly, it must be RAW PCM, without the WAV headers, so you'll have to strip those out. Some authoring programs will do that for you. You can't author a disc with CD audio WAVs (44.1kHz) because they don't match that DVD standard for PCM audio.

Five is right about staying away from MP3s. You can put the lossless audio you have on the disc.
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