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Re: Upload Questions

If the artist is not on our Band Restriction Policy list, then it is OK for it to be posted here (it seems every site has a different list, although with many of the same artists).

If you don't know the setlist, I've seen people just put numbers, ie.

and then asked for someone to help with the setlist. Then just correct the first post and tell people to correct their text files (they should give the text file a different name, ie. thebandxxxx-yy-zznew.txt so as to not get it overwritten).

As for whether a show is officially released or not, that is always the hardest. Usually if a band has it listed for sale on their official website, then it is NOT OK to be shared here. Finding it at used to be a good way to tell, but amazon now has bootlegs listed on their also. If you aren't sure, a good thing to do is to post something in here asking for help (put the artist in the thread title to attract the right attention).
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