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Re: Question about the "no silver CD >> CDR transfer" rule

best way to copy those silver boots, if you intened to re-share them is to rip them with EAC to FLAC, not make an audio CD copy. You'd make your audio CD copy from your FLAC archives. WHen you share, you'd share those FLAC archives. If you make others copies from your audio CDR, then they make audio CDR copies, etc, it hughly increases the risk of degredation.

You can spread them however you wish, we just don't allow it that way here. There are a lot of other places that do allow that, but TTD's original purpose was to only spread the absolute best. We don't always get that right, but we try.

In your case, since you hashes match exactly, you have a much better reproduction that most would have. That puts you in about the top 0.5% of people who would seed a CDR from a Silver. The rips usually aren't done correctly.

The bottom line is, we can't allow CDR rips from Silver CDs to be re-ripped and seeded here because that isn't the best possible (shortest, least involved, etc) lineage. In most cases, there will be a slight difference and since there are usually at least several hundred, if not thousand, copies of a silver boot pressed, there really is no need for the CDR re-burn as the source isn't rare.

The cassette torrents are allowed if they are the best source available of the audio. A CDR rip from a silver CD that has been ripped, re-burned, ripped again and encoded is not the best source available of that audio - the silver CD is.
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